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    Meet your spring 2009 Daily Wildcat Opinions columnists

    Heather Price-Wright is a sophomore majoring in creative writing and Latin American studies, with a minor in Spanish. She is anticipating a semester brimming with controversy here at the university, around the country and across the world. She is committed to sharing with you well-researched, thoughtful and honest writing, and promise neither to shy away from conflict nor to create it unnecessarily. And hey, if she fails at any of those tasks, write her some scathing letters! She loves mail. Happy opining!

    Writing about oneself with humility is like riding a longboard on the Mall: some can and some should stick to walking. Daniel Soleto, a political science junior, would characterize himself as a Wildcat for Wildcats. When he’s not in class, he frequents the Rec Center, Bookman’s, and sometimes even the library. If someone could quantify my optimism about the New Year in terms of dreadlocks, he’d have hair like Jordan Hill. More seriously, he looks forward to writing articles that interest a vast array of readers who will engage in both fun and serious, educated dialogue. Clear your schedule on 2/1/09 and keep the Cardinal faith alive.

    Daniel Greenberg is a junior who procrastinates switching his major from political science to near eastern studies. When he is not teaching pledges about the unholy secrets of fraternity rituals, this Mediterranean mensch can be found pursuing ignoble delights such as awesomely bad ’80s metal, sarcasm, Lost, developing satyriasis, the legal discharge of firearms, and Ohio State football. That said, Dan will probably offend you at some point or another – just remember that he loves you.

    Justin Huggins is a senior majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology. He’s indecisive, which is why he ended up with three seemingly random minors in Spanish, chemistry, and anthropology. He will graduate in May-maybe. He might stick around for another year and finish up a microbiology and/or English degree. He has two highly destructive dogs. Although he threatens them with a return trip to the pound from which they originated, they continue to upend his life. Often, Justin can be found watching marathons of House on USA, an activity that thoroughly bores his attention-starved boyfriend. Justin’s future plans include medical school.

    Taylor Kessinger is the Daily Wildcat Opinions desk’s frothing atheist and raging crypto-socialist, and he promises to bring you even more venom-tipped sarcasm than ever before. A senior majoring in ecology and evolutionary biology, math and physics, he spends most of his time having ulcers about grad school admissions. When he?s not busy doing that, he enjoys programming in Perl, practicing his death metal voice, and shaking his fist in anger at the corpse of Ronald Reagan. He has gained a total of forty pounds since entering college through a combination of squats, deadlifts, milk, and nuts. Topics such as where black metal originated and which Scandinavian country is best (the answer to both of these is Sweden) will send him off on a wild, vicious rant including lots of swearing. His columns will run Fridays.

    Paul Cervantes is a senior majoring in accounting and business economics. This means two things: First, he doesn’t have his CPA so he is not a real accountant. Secondly, he doesn’t have a Ph.D, so he is not a real economist. To all the ladies out there, he has a high school degree and he can’t whistle. Pretty sexy, huh? Now that he’s impressed you with his credentials, here’s a secret: he cares what people have to say and he is an opinion columnist exiled to the island of Eller. Wherever this semester takes us, he hopes to voice some thought or perspective that will make both you and he think.

    Javier Espitia is a philosophy and political science sophomore. A first generation American who is fluent in Spanish, he was born and raised in Phoenix. He had this to tell us: “”Hola. I’m obsessed with public policy. I like playing poker. I like debating. I spend too much time online. I hope you read my columns and stuff.””

    Laura Donovan is a junior majoring in creative writing and French. She is a proud conservative columnist and wishes more right wing students would apply to the Opinions Desk, even though she loves the current staff as is. Laura loves writing, reading memoirs and non-fiction essays, socializing, traveling, telling stories, and running three miles a day. Laura’s guilty pleasure is enjoying really stupid movies like “”White Chicks,”” “”Step Brothers,”” and “”Norbit.”” This is Laura’s third semester as a columnist, and in the past, she has tackled social and political issues. Laura will write about the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency, and she will poke fun at the media for continuously publishing fluff stories about his personal life.

    Alexandria Kassman was born and raised in Tucson, where she learned at a young age that cacti are soft in the parts where they don’t prick you. She is uncommonly talented when it comes to hula-hooping and enjoys painting Georgia O’Keeffe style flowers. She is a creative writing and Spanish senior and plans to join the Peace Corps after she graduates. Every full moon she turns into a fembot; therefore, her columns tend to deal with gender disparities and life as a robot. If you see her, she will be skinnier than you thought because she recently purchased a Wii Fit.

    Justyn Dillingham is a history senior. He’s devoted to rainy days, particularly the kind you get in the Southwest. He enjoys the companionship of cats. He could happily consume a burrito every day. He’s renowned among his friends for the acuteness of his Jimmy Stewart impression. His goal for 2009 is to read every book on the Modern Library’s list of the top 100 novels of the 20th century. He is returning as opinions editor this semester.

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