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    Fast Facts

    Today’s Fast Facts quiz:

    1. What were the oldest known books in the world made of?

    2. Who painted “”The Grand Odalisque?””

    3. What group of islands produced the Yo-Yo in the sixteenth century?

    4. What were the last words Abraham Lincoln heard before his death?

    5. How many pounds of food and drink does the average person consume each year?

    Yesterday’s answers:

    1. “”The Washington Post March”” was the only John Philip Sousa march named after a

    2. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who also designed the inner structure of the Statue of Liberty, designed the Eiffel Tower.

    3. Garlic is known as “”the stinky rose.””

    4. A mosquito’s wings move 1,000 times a second.

    5. Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase “”A penny saved is a penny earned.””

    Score breakdown:

    Answered 0: You need a lobotomy.
    Answered 1: You’re almost as smart as a raccoon.
    Answered 2: You qualify for ASU.
    Answered 3: Damn son, you good.
    Answered 4: You could be an Einstein impersonator.
    Answered 5: Why don’t you just quit school and teach us?

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