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    Column: Is this an election or an existential crisis?

    Election season is here and there is no need to panic, flee or even build a shelter under your shed in preparation for the coming apocalypse. 

    Decision time is almost upon the nation as the U.S. prepares to elect a new president. 

    The talk of the town is not how excited everyone is to elect a new president into office, but rather how people seem to be fearful of electing one of two candidates whom they feel are unfit to lead the nation. 

    All of the commotion with this year’s election has caused the public to become frantic and stressed, with some wanting to move out of the country if a particular candidate is elected. 

    The drama, hysteria and spectacle this election has created brings back memories of the Super Bowl. 

    Before the big game, fans from either side argue about who will win, while sports broadcasters and news outlets report on the event nonstop. 

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    Then there are those who are not usually football or sports fans, but like to participate for the big game. 

    The fans pick a team to root for because they like their jerseys or recognize their favorite player. 

    After what feels like an eternity of debating and anticipating a winner, the big day finally comes. 

    Once the game is over and the victor is crowned, the winning team celebrates while the other side begins the healing process, and the non-sports fans are just happy they participated. 

    Fast-forward three months when everything has simmered down back to normal, and the winners continue to brag while the losers dream of next year. 

    The only memories the participants have of that day are the amazing chicken wings their friend’s spouse made. 

    The point being made here is, at the end of the day, no matter who the winner is, our little planet will keep spinning. 

    No one likes to lose, especially to a bitter rival, but if everyone had it their way and only favorite teams won every year, the Super Bowl would not be as great as it is. 

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    When the game ends, everyone goes home to their families or crawls back to their mother’s basement covered in sports memorabilia. 

    Slowly, something creeps back into existence which they had forgotten about during the adrenaline rush of the game, that something being life.

    This election year is definitely one that will be remembered for how split everyone was on the candidates, but life will go on.

    If you are one of those people who believes the nation will erupt into chaos upon the election of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, or if you plan to book it to Canada in order to dodge the collapse of our country, my advice would be to just relax. 

    Get back to what is important in your life because this time next year, things will be different, but I guarantee you—our country will be fine. 

    There is nothing wrong with being passionate or vigilant about our country’s system. Just don’t let it blind you from the fact our small planet will continue to spin on, and the sun will rise every morning to begin a new day.

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