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    Silver Mine owner peeved over theft

    I am the owner of Silver Mine Subs in Main Gate Square and I wanted to submit a comment about a recent event. Last night the Silver Mine Scion was broken into, and someone stole its GPS unit. Now, I know this stuff happens, but what I really want to know is how our world became what it is today.

    I called the police and they won’t even look at the car. I called my insurance and they don’t want to cover the GPS. And I told some people, and they said I should have brought the GPS in at night. So now, not only do thieves know they won’t get caught or looked for, but I am actually at fault for this crime because I didn’t bring it in. What kind of world do we live in?

    -Jeffrey Jones
    owner, Silver Mine Subs

    Leave Greeks alone, and let us shop at Target!

    In light of Allison Dumka’s “”Why Shopping isn’t Superficial,”” (Wednesday) I feel the need to point some things out. First off, I’m becoming offended. I know it’s my duty, and my duty alone, to stop reading an article when I find it offensive, but why can’t you leave the Greek community alone? You managed to do a slight of hand and make a flippant remark about us in an article that has almost nothing to do with us. You seem to severely disregard us as nothing but an amusement to you, making clever jabs and glib remarks about us, and mentioning the community in almost every other article you write. Why?

    We are just a collective group of people who share the same ideals, of course varying from chapter to chapter. Why did you feel the need to point out that sometimes date dash clothing is obtained from thrift stores? But what about people who shop for Halloween costumes at thrift stores? What about people who can’t afford to continually shop even at places like Target, Wal-Mart or American Apparel? Or what about the people, even though they have the money, who shop there anyway?

    Second, to say just because you shop at Target or Wal-Mart doesn’t mean you have low moral fiber, then to go and say, “”it’s downright myopic to claim there is nothing wrong with wearing cheap clothes”” is not fair. I work very hard, and I can barely buy clothing at American Apparel. When I first started working, at the Student Union Memorial Center, nonetheless, I was getting paid $5.50 an hour, 35 cents above minimum wage at the time. Beg your pardon, but I’m sorry I couldn’t be economically and emotionally supportive of human-labor rights when I myself could barely float. Now, I’m doing better, but I still have bills, expenses and my future to worry about.

    What happens when I need to replace my truck’s tires, headlights, get an oil change, buy gas? Oops, I spent all my money on relatively expensive clothing, and now I have to wait for my next paycheck to buy new tires. I still can’t afford to be utterly and completely for the improvement of human sweatshop/labor conditions. I’m OK with myself for shopping at Target.

    But if we’re going for clothing, what about your technology, your bedspread, your car, your books, your phone, your coffee, your chocolate, your food, more than half are sweatshop/labor-made. Now what? Do we all forfeit being civilized humans because all that we touch are sweatshop-made? I think that’s a bit extreme, but what’s a person to do in a cheaply made sweatshop world?

    -Hannah Mettler
    undeclared sophomore

    Follow your ideals: Bring back ‘No Relation’

    Please! Bring back the comic which you so stealthily removed from your comic page about a week or so ago.

    Honestly, it was the only thing I looked forward to on the comic strip page every day. As a journalism senior I think it is important to stick by our First Amendment rights of free speech! So what if his comics offended a few people? (Which we wouldn’t even know of because you have refused to even address the subject directly except for the postings of pleads to bring him back). I know the paper is independently run, and the university itself can give you no boundaries to what you publish, which is why I love picking up your paper every day. But please! Follow your ideals, and bring back this comic. At the very least I ask for a small explanation as to why it was removed, so that the next batch of reader comments can involve the issue of people who get too butt-hurt over different points of views, the reason American society is going downhill anyway.

    -Nicole Cassese
    journalism senior

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