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    Mailbag: Sept. 6

    Just confront assailants

    In response to “Please be more considerate with your music’s volume”:

    Miki Jenning’s piece on the apparent ignorance of some music enthusiasts addresses a not-insignificant issue. However, her choice medium for the message is poor. The offending persons may be oblivious to the distraction and irritation they cause around them. If so, what specifically invites her to believe they are more aware of current opinions within a relatively dry local publication?

    Another theory: they secretly (or unconsciously) revel in their unopposed power over the local soundscape — sound-quality and personal auditory pleasure be damned. By remaining silent, Jennings offers implied assent to their position of control. Has she ever actually confronted one of these people? Ever requested (I suggest civilly but firmly) that they cease the public exposure and enjoy their music alone?

    I have respect for her view but for little else presented. To bemoan, on the page, a problem so easily sympathized with by the majority of this paper’s readers is not the most effective method of correcting the problem. Do these insensitive, cocksure boors comprise a well- known element of the Wildcat’s readership?

    _— Aaron Johansen
    Undeclared freshman_

    *Use mockery to combat noisy, annoying violators *

    In response to “Please be more considerate with your music’s volume”:

    Miki, I can totally relate. It’s like you put into words everything that goes through my head every time I come across someone on campus (or in one of the elevators in my dorm) who are apparently completely unaware as to how loud their music is. Even with headphones, their music is still blasting and I can hear it. And I tell you, when you’re in an elevator with five other people and one individual has music everyone can hear it’s quite annoying. Usually I just make fun of that person by telling the guy next to me, “Oh, I love that annoying music they’re listening to.” So many ways to make fun of those people. Anyway, thank you for putting into words what I think of every time I come across a noise violator.

    — Mark Whitley

    Brewer is out of touch with all feminine issues

    In response to “Brewer unworthy of Rosie, diminishes empowerment”:

    Miki, you are exactly correct in your Aug. 29 column, Gov. Jan Brewer does not deserve any association with Rosie the Riveter. I feel that Jan Brewer, along with pretty much the entire Republican entourage, is out of touch with current issues, particularly women’s issues. Thank you for your well written piece and for speaking up.

    _ — Peter Ianchiou
    Tucson resident_

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