REVIEW: Four of Wands provides an awakening spiritual experience


Desarae Tucker

Kahealani Kahiapo after a Lenormand reading session on Thursday, April 20, at Four of Wands in Tucson. Four of Wands also offers spiritual experiences, including palm and psychic medium readings.

Desarae Tucker

Four of Wands delivers a unique shopping experience like no other. The Tucson-based shop unites metaphysical offerings while also giving back to the community.

Four of Wands, located at 4349 E. Broadway Blvd., is a branch of the non-profit tattoo shop Spark Project Collective, owned by John Vasquez. Vasquez said that the idea behind Four of Wands was to build a strong metaphysical community in Tucson that can bring people together. The shop’s atmosphere to some can give a sense of belonging. 

The shop offers a variety of services like Lenormand, palm and psychic medium readings.

I tried Lenormand reading with Kahealani Kahiapo, assistant and Lenormand/tarot reader at Four of Wands. As a non-spiritual person, this was an eye-opening journey for me. 

“Lenormand is the reading that allows you to find out what’s really happening,” Kahiapo said. 

The reading got its name from Marie Anne Lenormand, a French fortune teller from the 18th century. 

Kahiapo had me shuffle a deck of Lenormand cards and pull two random ones out. She placed my first card on the table, which had a picture of a tower on it, and said, “Your work is really affecting your health, mental and physical.” My mouth immediately opened, and I was in shock. 

Kahiapo went on to place the second card and said, “Someone around you has feelings of jealousy.” 

My thoughts went straight to a certain person, and what surprised me was that she described them. She explained the way we interacted with each other, and I felt a spark. She was right; this person meant no good to me. 

“You need to cut that negativity out of your life. This person only wants to see your downfall,” Kahiapo said.

She began to place more cards and tell me what she saw from them. The things that she was saying were what people close to me kept trying to tell me as well. It felt like she had been watching it all unfold. My check-in was only 10 minutes, and by the end of it, I found myself crying with a box of tissues. 

My mindset going in was that she was going to tell me that I am going to be successful and have a happy life, but Kahiapo gave me more than that. She gave me a deep understanding of what was currently going on in my life and how I can properly react to it. 

Kahiapo does Lenormand check-ins at every Moon Market hosted by Four of Wands. Moon Markets happen two Saturdays a month, and they bring in a variety of vendors and readers. For more information, visit the Four of Wands website.

“They open up the door,” Vasquez said. “The Moon Markets are about opening up the eyes to people who might be afraid of the metaphysics side of things or the ones that might be questioning their level of spirituality.”

As well as Lenormand, I was able to get a little taste of what a medium reading was like with the shop’s manager and psychic medium reader, Natalie Palomarez. I was scared going into the session because I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea what Palomarez was going to see or say. 

As she was setting up, she noticed that I was tense and did her best to reassure me and make me feel comfortable. She played some calming music that was able to help me relax. She took a moment for herself to get situated and explained to me how the session would go. 

“I usually see the soul being revealed to me as if we’re having a conversation, but it’s in [its] own space,” Palomarez said. “You’ll see me looking like I’m looking into the room while you’re listening to me. And I usually shake when I get information.”

She started off by telling me that the kindness part of my personality was going to be challenged greatly. 

“You are a pure, beautiful soul,” Palomarez said. “The innate animal nature within us is starting to come up.”

She explained that this is the time for me to start stepping into my courage and speaking up to others. I started to realize that I do tend to just say yes even though I am not comfortable with taking on tasks, and this leads me to feel overwhelmed. 

“You are absolutely going to get a break, but you have got to start learning your strength,” Palomarez said.

Visit Four of Wands Wednesday through Friday 3-8 p.m. or Saturday 2-9 p.m. for a spiritual experience or spend the day at one of the free bi-monthly summer Moon Markets hosted at Four of Wands June 17, July 1 and July 15, 2-9 p.m.

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