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    Awesome anime to check out over the weekend



    This show will kick your ass. Seriously. It has all of the elements of an anime that makes viewers say, “oh my gosh, this show is awesome.”

    Set in 1930’s New York, Baccano! focuses on several mobster families, a ridiculously hilarious thieving couple, a “monster” on a train and a group of immortals who are more than 200 years old.
    The first thing that will undoubtedly catch your eye is the way that an immortal is able to heal from any wound — all of the blood, bones and torn flesh gradually find their way back to their owner, as if someone had pressed a “reverse” button.

    The animation is fluid and seamless, especially during fight scenes. Character is another huge strength in this series. There are more than ten main characters, with personalities ranging from cool and laid back, to the bravest crybaby you’ll ever see, to a man obsessed with the thrill of killing. They all drive the show forward and add their own flavor to the mix.

    It’s safe to say that this anime is pretty violent at times. There are frequent gunfights and a few scenes where the monster known as the “rail tracer” holds someone against the tracks as the train speeds by, instantly tearing off fingers and shaving off the flesh and bones of the arm. Yes, it’s intense. But, as strange as it may sound, there is something classy about this show. You’ll understand if you watch.

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Where do I even begin with Brotherhood? This is probably my very favorite anime. It’s a 64-episode long journey of superbly animated action, diverse characters, laughs, tears, joy, utter despair and overall epic-ness. If you’ve heard of the original anime, simply titled Fullmetal Alchemist, the Brotherhood series is a remake that is far better and actually follows the author’s original story in the manga.

    The story is set around the early 1900’s in a world where alchemy is the primary focus among scientists, scholars and the military. Brotherhood, of course, is about two brothers named Edward and Alphonse Elric. In an attempt to bring their mother back to life, the Elric brothers committed the ultimate taboo in the alchemic world (human transmutation), losing parts of their bodies in the process.

    We then follow Ed and Al on their journey to get their real bodies back. But they deal with so much more than they had ever anticipated along the way — facing life and death, overcoming their fears and understanding the strength of humanity if we all hold fast to the bonds between loved ones.

    I could name about a million reasons as to why Brotherhood is a fantastic show. There are many comparisons to actual history, first off. The militaristic nation where the Elric brothers live loosely mirrors a WWII Germany, for example. The primary “villians” of this anime are artificial humans called homunculi, which are named after the seven deadly sins. Religion is another theme that can be delved into while watching this show.

    Altogether, Brotherhood gives you so much to think about while also remaining extremely entertaining, heartfelt, and genuinely awesome. And there are plenty of amazing characters to love as well.


    If you feel like watching a mind-bending anime that both stretches your perceptions and calms you, watch Mushi-shi. The entire show is a pure work of art and has won several awards, including an Excellence Prize at the 2003 Japanese Media Arts Festival. The art animation is gorgeous and looks air-brushed at times.

    We follow a mysterious young man named Ginko, an expert on spirit-like creatures called mushi. These beings, which are neither plant nor animal, linger on the borders of reality, causing rips and tears in our normal world. Certain mushi feed off of a person’s sense of sight, while another may allow someone to be reborn again and again.

    An episodic series, Ginko travels from place to place, helping people through the unexplainable phenomena that the mushi bring about.

    Kanon (2006)

    Kanon is a beautiful anime set in a snowy city with a teenage boy who can’t seem to remember his past. After having left the town when he was young, the main character, Yuichi, comes back to live with his aunt and cousin and begins to encounter a number of unique girls who are all drawn to him for one reason or another.

    This series, which encompasses the mystical and supernatural, is heartwarming and tear-jerking all at the same time. We watch, glossy eyed, and fall in love with the stories of each girl and their connections with Yuichi.

    The animation style in this series is elegant and gorgeous. The dialogue is also crafted remarkably well and is part of what makes Kanon such a fantastic show. And it’s a truly wonderful love story with unexpected elements that—for lack of a better phrase—really tug at your soul.

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