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    “On the spot: Kelsey Clark, pre-business sophomore”

    So, you’re a transfer student?

    Yea, I love it here.

    From where?

    University of the Pacific.

    What’s that?

    It’s like a really, really good school and super hard to get in to.

    What made you decide to come here to the UA?

    I just really wasn’t happy and I’m obsessed with the city of Tucson. Also I am just really excited to get involved here too.

    Like what?

    The science clubs, in particular. But other than that just the partying and the frats. I just really want to party at the frats.

    So… sounds like your top three interests are science, partying and frats. What kind of science?

    Political science, but I’m also really really into different studies. I actually worked on some studies this summer on grasshoppers. Not kidding, grasshoppers are going extinct in northern and central Arizona, making a huge problem for all the farmers and the crops.

    I had no idea grasshoppers were of such a severe issue. How does your interest in grasshoppers relate to political science?

    They don’t really relate at all.

    How do you feel about daisy duke denim shorts? I notice you are wearing them, they’re all over campus. Are they dominant in your wardrobe?

    I rock daisy duke shorts like it’s nobody’s business and I like to wear them with an off the shoulder UA shirt that I cut.

    Cowboy boots too or what?

    Usually, or just regular boots, knee-high boots.

    Combat boots or Britney Spears style with cutoffs and Uggs?

    The ones with the heel. Oh! Stiletto boots.

    Wow, I would love to have a class with you. Is it awkward when you’re walking into class with the heels that make the little noise and everyone stares at you? Or do you like making people turn heads?

    I wear them for that reason. Since I’m a transfer it’s harder to make friends so I wear the stiletto knee-highs so that people gravitate towards me.

    Yeah, that’s a great strategy. You should bring it up at a transfer club meeting?

    I actually haven’t missed one meeting.

    Girl, you are on top of it. What does your tattoo on your wrist say?

    It says “”life”” in Italian.

    What made you decide to get that?

    I was in Amsterdam…

    Foreign countries can always be blamed for crazy impulses.

    You should see what I came home with after visiting Thailand.

    Can I?

    That will have to be for another time and place.

    — Caroline Nachazel

        DATEBOOK 8.26

    Transfer student welcome from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on the mall. Come get help, campus tips, and refreshments from the Transfer Center.

        Pre-Law? College of Law General Information Session today at 3:30 at the James E. Rogers College of Law. Hour-long presentation and tour for all interested in a University of Arizona law degree.

        Get down with DJ Blade every Thursday after 9 p.m. at Zen Rock located at 121 E. Congress St.

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