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    Police beat: June 23

    Shoplifter did it for love

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer responded to a call from the UofA Bookstore Wednesday afternoon in reference to a male shoplifter who was being held in custody.

    The officer approached the man and asked him what was going on, to which he replied that he had “”decided to take a lanyard cause I’m a retard.”” The shoplifter had purchased several other items and when the reporting officer asked him why he had chosen to steal the lanyard, he explained that it was because he needed to get his girlfriend a present and because the lanyard had been labeled incorrectly.

    The shoplifter purported that the lanyard had a price tag of $9.99 despite the fact that its actual price was $6.99. The officer asked the male if that was his reasoning for taking the lanyard to which he replied that it wasn’t and that he didn’t have a reason for taking it.  

    The man was cited and released at the scene and informed that he would be barred from the bookstore for one year.

    Anxious bike thief flees police, changes clothes

    Two women conducting their daily walk at 5:30 Wednesday morning reported a bicycle theft in progress. They witnessed a male attempting to steal a bicycle near the Main Library while his female companion acted as a lookout.

    A UAPD officer was dispatched and apprehended a man matching the description outside the Cochise Residence Hall. The man was carrying a dusty bicycle with a flat tire and while the officer was conducting a records check, the man threw the bicycle to the ground and fled the scene.

    Another officer was directed to the man’s new location and he found him in the process of removing his shirt in an apparent attempt to alter his appearance. The suspected bicycle thief fled again and attempted to pass as a pedestrian briefly before a third officer spotted him. The suspect threw his arms in the air and yelled, “”I didn’t do it!”” and then lay on the ground on his stomach.

    The officer searched him and found a four-inch silver knife and an orange bottle of pills, along with a bag containing a pair of bolt cutters, two pairs of cutter pliers and a small multi-tool. The man explained that the pills were Xanax for his anxiety although he didn’t have a prescription.

    Soon, the suspect’s girlfriend walked toward the scene, where she was also arrested for acting as a lookout and for outstanding warrants. Both were transported to Pima County Jail.

    ‘Weirded-out’ man narrowly avoids marriage

    Tuesday night at 10:30, three UAPD officers responded to a report from a concerned passerby about a possible fight in progress at the corner of East Fourth Street and North Highland Avenue. Upon arriving at the scene, they found a man standing by a Toyota Corolla stopped in the middle of the road and a woman standing by an SUV parked several yards away.

    The officers began questioning both parties. The man explained that he had known the woman for approximately two weeks and that she had been staying the night with him in his room for a few nights, as well as occasionally spending time with him during the day.

    He explained to the officer that he had wanted her to go home because he wanted to sleep alone and because he was “”weirded out”” about comments she had made about wanting to marry him. When he tried to drop her off at her house, the woman reportedly refused to leave, after which the male attempted to physically carry her out of the car, in much the same way that one might carry his bride over the threshold on a wedding day. 

    Under questioning, the woman corroborated that she was engaged in a sexual relationship with the man, which had reportedly been taking place at the man’s parents’ house. She explained that after a fight, he had attempted to drop her off at home but she didn’t like the way he was talking to her, so she attempted to stay in the car to resolve the issues. The man then attempted to physically remove her from the car.

    Although Tucson Fire Department paramedics determined that there was nothing visibly wrong with the woman, she complained of an aching shoulder and asked to be taken to the hospital. Neither party was arrested for any criminal charges.


    Attention skateboarders: UAPD checks fake names

    A UAPD officer was dispatched to the Modern Languages building late Wednesday afternoon to assist a police aide on a skateboarding call. Three men had been spotted “”performing tricks”” outside the building.  

    The officer was able to confirm the identities of two of the men, but the third, who had provided the name “”Samon Haze,”” was not returning any records. The officer informed “”Samon”” that he was not finding his information in the computer and that if he had given false information he had one chance to correct it or he could face arrest. “”Samon”” confirmed that all the information was correct.

    The officer then requested “”Samon’s”” social security number, which he supplied. The social security number returned a different name and “”Samon”” confirmed that he had in fact lied, and when asked to explain why, he said “”I took a shot.”” “”Samon”” was then arrested and the officer explained to him that if he had just supplied his real name he would have received a warning. “”Samon Haze”” was cited and released.


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