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    The Best of 2010 E3 Awards

    For the first time ever, Monsoon sent a reporter to the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the Los Angeles Convention center from June 15 – 17. The world’s biggest video game and electronics show had plenty of highlights, but the best of each area are below.

    Best Xbox 360 game: ‘Halo: Reach’

    Call me a sucker for Spartans, but the latest (and likely final) installment in the “”Halo”” series looks like Bungie’s masterpiece, combining everything they’ve learned over the years into a polished piece of art that is sure to please. The multiplayer has already proven to be a hit and the campaign shows a lot of promise.

    Best PS3 game: ‘Infamous 2′

    Lightning-imbued superhero Cole McGrath is back, and you’ll be shocked at all that’s changed. OK, puns aside, this sequel has you running around a New Orleans-inspired city trying to halt the mysterious “”Beast.”” If you were tired of electrocuting enemies, fear not.

    Now you’ll be granted a form of ice power, and potentially other powers as well. You’ll also be able to make the same important moral choices that determine the outcome of the game. 

    Best Wii game: ‘Kirby’s Epic Yarn’

    It’s been ages since gamers have seen everyone’s favorite pink puffball starring in his own feature console game, and while there are some changes to the Kirby you know and love, it’s good to have him back. Now there’s co-op that allows players to work together and share the fun. The beautiful and unique art style in this game is what really makes it pop, with nearly everything being made out of yarn. Keep an eye on this one moving forward. Mario is nervous already.

    Best PC game: ‘Portal 2′

    Valve never expected “”Portal”” to make such an impact when it was released in The Orange Box back in 2007, but when fans asked for a sequel, developers were happy to oblige. The game is now co-op, and there are also a few other interactive objects to help the player.

    While the Portal Gun hasn’t changed much, the physics related to it have evolved, allowing players much more creativity in their puzzle solving. No word yet on GLADOS’ return.

    Best of the Big 3: Nintendo

    Every year, gamers spend hours arguing over who had the best show and while most years it can go any way, this time it’s rather obvious. Most hardcore gamers have shied away from Nintendo in the recent past due to the Wii’s more “”family-oriented”” direction, but this year the company made a surge back to its roots with a slew of new games and familiar faces. Their real ace in the hole, though, is the 3DS. With 3D that doesn’t require glasses, you can’t really go wrong, and the titles that will be coming out for the new handheld will be the icing on the digital cake. If that isn’t enough proof, let the people convince you. The waits for almost every major Nintendo display were over an hour and a half long, more than every other display at the expo.

    Best in Show: 3DS

    The 3DS was already mentioned with the Nintendo award, but it deserves another category win all its own. This little piece of hardware will revolutionize video gaming. 3D without glasses starts here on the small stage, but it’s only a matter of time before it hits the big consoles. The future aside, the 3DS already has a strong line-up for launch (whenever that might be) and looks great in 2D. It was hands down the biggest innovation at the conference and it deserves best in show. And even though there’s no official release date or price, you should be first in line to buy one no matter the cost. It’s that good.

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