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    “When in doubt, don’t wear it out”

    Oh yes, our “”what not to wear”” issue is back and better than ever. I have to say, I had high hopes that UA students had learned their lesson the first couple times around. Overall, we have some very stylish students on campus. Unfortunately, a few people can ruin it for everyone. I’m sure you are great people, but let me offer some advice: When in doubt, don’t.

    photos by Alan Fullmer

    Remember in elementary school when it was cool to tie a long-sleeved shirt around your waist? No, because it wasn’t cool then either. I’m assuming that she wore it that morning and got hot because the weather is beautiful, but c’mon, around the waist? Putting it in the backpack would have been a better choice.

    I can appreciate wanting to be comfortable during a long day at school. But this salmon-colored velour sweat suit crosses the line. Dressing in velour from head-to-toe is a bit too much. Actually, it is way too much. And, if I can guess the brand correctly, she paid way too much for them. Love the watch though!

    I am a fan of plaid shorts, but not when they are paired like this. Did he mean to pop his collar or did it just sneak up on him like that? Not only that, but his shirt has stripes on it. There’s enough going on with the shorts, don’t add to it. Oh, and those socks aren’t doing him much good either.

    Time warp? I feel a ’90s grunge flashback coming on. Or maybe ’70s? I’m so confused! First and foremost, jean shorts on guys are a big no-no – especially when they have random pockets all over the place. And while I appreciate that this guy looks like he takes care of his hair, anything that goes past the shoulders is really pushing it. Did I mention the tie-dye?

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