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    Hey, Barkeep

    Alex Guyton

    Erik Evans, a bartender for almost two years at downtown’s 47 Scott, prepares a cocktail.

    Favorite drink to make?

    Really depends on the person’s palette. … For us, we really enjoy matching that person’s personality with what they’ll enjoy, but my personal favorite is going to be along the Manhattan line. I like bourbon, fortified wines, things like that.

    Least favorite drink to make?

    None. I mean, there are ones that take time, there are ones that are messy, but it’s not like we dislike any of them. It depends on the time of the night, what’s happening, who’s ordering, things like that.

    Can you think of a most memorable customer that comes to mind?

    Yeah, we have this guy named Sean that comes in at least once a week. Probably the most friendly person that I’ve really had the pleasure of serving. He’s always talkative, makes great conversation.

    Do regulars usually rank as among the favorites?

    At our bar, yes. I started bartending at other bars and you can get your show of regulars that you aren’t exactly thrilled about.

    Weirdest, strangest thing you’ve seen go down at the bar?

    We had a woman come up with a purse full of ice once. We gave her a glass of water and she was asked to politely take a cab.

    As a customer, what can I do to piss you off?

    There’s very little. Being over your limit right when you walk in the door. Start yelling and asking for things right away. We’re not a dive bar, we’re not a college bar, we’re a restaurant … we focus on the classic draft cocktails. We’re not here to get people annihilated. We are here to introduce people to new flavors, new spirits. Someone might not like gin because when they were 16 or 17 they drank too much of it and it made them sick. If you introduce people to gin cocktails that accent gin more as an additive flavor, and less as that pint with orange juice that you had once or twice, that’s what I really enjoy … being able to introduce people to a new variety of booze.

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