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    ‘Dudesons’ explodes into America

    It takes only one glance at Johnny Knoxville to realize he’s a bit of a crazy person. But behind the scars, concussions and gleeful cackle lies a man who stands at the top of the modern television pyramid. He has come up with a new idea, and boy, is it a doozy.

    Debuting his MTV show “”The Dudesons in America”” on May 6, Knoxville plans to bring a different experience to fans and new viewers alike. “”Dudesons”” are four Finnish stuntmen from the Arctic Circle who come to America to pursue the “”American Dream.”” Of course, their “”American Dream”” is different than most.

    Billed as “”Jackass times 10,”” the trailer shows the Dudesons standing on top of collapsing buildings, shooting themselves off exploding snowmobile ramps and plenty of ball-crunching. Knoxville, the executive producer, believes it’s truly higher entertainment.

    “”This isn’t a show anyone should be taking too seriously,”” he said. “”If they are, they shouldn’t be watching.””

    After well documented legal troubles with past TV series like the infamous “”Jackass,”” Knoxville isn’t worried about similar issues. “”We run everything we do by a team of legal guys and lawyers,”” Knoxville said. “”This isn’t stuff most people could try, anyway.””

    As for the Dudesons? They’re just excited to be in America.

    “”I’m pretty impressed by all this high-tech shit you have here,”” said Jukka Hilden, the leader of the group, during a conference call. “”It’s crazy to us that you guys can have 25 people on one telephone. We don’t have these in Finland.””

    The Dudesons say they’ve been warmly accepted by the American public. “”Everyone supports us here. We haven’t had any trouble with the cops or anything and the people are very nice,”” Hilden said.

    After 10 years of causing mayhem in Finland, viewers will soon find out how much trouble or joy these Finnish stuntmen can find in the Land of Opportunity.

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