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    In response to “Gender and women’s studies courses provide new perspectives” (by David W. Mariotte, Oct. 2):

    Yes because this is exactly why I pay tuition… to listen to feminists tell me their social points of view. If I wanted to learn that I could watch the View or msnbc for free. I don’t pay thousands of dollars a year to waste my time taking classes that don’t help prepare me in my future career.

    Unless the UA can justify a specific (economically beneficial) career this course prepares us for, why in the world are we funding it?

    — Wasteofmoney

    Your tuition also pays for your membership at the rec center, whether or not you use it.

    Membership at the rec center isn’t really going to help you get a career, but being able to understand your co-workers, and work well with different kinds of people will. If you can go into a job interview and tell your prospective employer how your gender studies classes have prepared you to work with and respect a diverse team of people, that’s going to get you somewhere. Believe me, I interview people for jobs, and I have chosen not to hire someone because they lacked people skills. All jobs have co-workers, and they have to get along. Unless you’re an assassin or something. And while we’re clearing things up, the view is not a good source for feminist points of view.

    — Creepybunny

    Tuition goes to lots of things. The Rec is just one example. CAPS is another example if you never use it (or have heard of it even; it’s pretty amazing). I don’t approve of the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. but tax money still goes to them. In addition, GWS teaches about diversity which is always a great skill to have, critical analysis which shockingly is useful in day to day life (who would have guessed), and writing skills (which is awesome to have). Just because a major doesn’t have an immediate economic impact doesn’t mean it’s not useful to a career. The knowledge and background learned in GWS classes is beneficial to self-growth and fostering positive environments for others. Let’s be real, both of those are amazing skills to have.

    — hahahaha

    But I always here the same thing about math: I will never use it, etc. I see t-shirts with this on it.

    BUT: you solve for x everyday of your life — you ask yourself: how much money do I have left?
    x=how much money I have left
    x = current balance – the-the-cost-of-this-stupid-thing-that-i-don’t-need

    I have YET to see a reason for these gender/women’s studies classes.

    Probably because I already respect women.

    I don’t need some bogus class taught by some piled-higher-and-deeper (you refer to them as PhDs) person to explain this to me. I would prefer to have a PhD teach the youth of today: math, chemistry, economics, and/or biology.

    “The knowledge of background learned in GWS classes is beneficial to self-growth and fostering positive environments for others.” You cannot just state this…you have to cite examples.

    — Parent

    In response to “More healthy, inexpensive options needed on campus” (by Elizabeth Eaton, Oct. 2):

    I noticed this issue during my freshman year. Previously, the Union website did post the nutritional information, but it was mostly incorrect. Items that were labeled as “low fat” really weren’t. Even now, most restaurants on campus that identify “healthy options” show options that aren’t really that healthy. I learned that the best options are to either buy groceries and cook my own food, or go to the hospital on the other side of Speedway for cheap healthy options.

    MPH student

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