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Around the Corner: Amy’s Donuts makes a sweet arrival in Tucson

Ian Green

Amy’s Donuts, located just east of Stone Avenue on Ft. Lowell Road, is a novel bakery featuring a myriad of specialty donuts, including Maple Bacon Fudge, Pink Pearl, German Chocolate and several varieties of candy bar-inspired toppings.

Amy’s Donuts is home to a smorgasbord of creative and delectable doughnuts. Inside the shop, customers can find around 120 different flavors to choose from, including Amy’s Almond Joy, Nutella Crumb and even Maple Bacon.

The owners of Amy’s Donuts, Amy and Chin Kim, opened their first shop in Colorado Springs four years ago. Since then, they have opened two other shops: one in Columbus, Ohio and a third here in Tucson. Chin named the doughnut shop after his wife, Amy, and the two have been creating doughnuts ever since.

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Amy’s Donuts in Tucson officially opened on Saturday, June 24, with a line of waiting customers spilling out the door. The shop has already received heaps of recognition for their delicious doughnut flavors. 

“We have pretty much figured out how to put any dessert in a doughnut, and we always encourage our employees and even our customers to come up with new doughnut creations,” Chin said. “Since opening in Tucson, we’ve heard that we should now try to create a prickly pear or cactus-themed doughnut.”

Kim explained how his shop is able to keep fresh, delicious doughnuts available for purchase despite the high demand.

“Everyone who works here has been working extremely hard and well,” Chin said. “With about 40 employees and a minimum of four decorators at the store at a time, we are able to keep running the 24 hours, seven days a week schedule we’ve always had.”

While Amy’s does offer traditional-style doughnuts, the shop specializes in unique creations, with some featuring cereal, marshmallows, or different types of sour candies.

“Our Maple Bacon doughnut, apple fritter and the Over the Rainbow doughnuts seem to disappear the most,” Chin said. “The Maple Bacon doughnut is covered in maple flavored frosting and then topped with bits of crispy bacon. The Over the Rainbow doughnut is layered with blueberry frosting, two dollops of white cream to make clouds, and then a rainbow airhead sour belt candy in the middle of the doughnut to top it off.”

Along with these specialty doughnuts, Amy’s also sells cake doughnuts and lil’ pig’s blankets, which are mini-hotdogs wrapped in warm, buttered dough. According to Chin, the lil’ pig’s blankets made it to the menu because of their popularity in Texas.

“I have a background in Texas, and pigs in the blanket can be found everywhere there, which is why I wanted to include it on the menu in my shops,” Chin said. “There are a lot of people who haven’t tried them and I’m glad we can bring them to Tucson.”

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Amy’s cake doughnuts are popular as well. Chin explained that cake doughnuts, also known as old fashioned-style doughnuts, are dense and heavy like cake but are shaped like doughnuts. The staff takes pride in making these hard-to-find treats.

In addition to offering an incredible assortment of doughnuts, Amy’s allows children to come visit and see just how their doughnuts are made. Chin said that watching the kids’ faces light up when they try a new flavor is a wonderful sight to see.

“At Amy’s Donuts, we want to help the community become closer together, which is why we offer field trips to our store,” Chin said. “The field trip is for the kids to see the process behind making all the doughnuts, and then they could of course enjoy doughnuts while visiting.”

One of the main objectives of the Tucson store is to become a friendly place for the community, just as the other shops in Ohio and Colorado have become for those communities. Chin hopes that the Tucson location becomes a tourist hotspot like their other stores.

Amy’s Donuts provides a wide selection of unique and tasty doughnuts, so don’t miss a chance to try out one of their delicious treats. For more information about the business, or to place an order for pickup, call (520) 647-2481.

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