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    The top 5 websites you’ve probably never visited


    As the Internet continues to be polluted with unnecessary database sites and dead-end webpages, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find anything relevant, reliable or interesting.

    Despite the scattered sources of sensationalized websites, there are a handful of pages that aren’t getting nearly as much coverage as they should. From insightful stories to helpful hints, to the command post for all things art, these websites are without a doubt some of the best:

    Etsy has been overlooked when it comes to online shopping. With a focus on handmade and vintage items, this e-commerce website is essential for the creative-minded who are looking to make a quick buck, as well as anyone desiring some individual flair.

    Get great gifts for dirt-cheap or browse Home & Living for hand painted pillows and one-of-a-kind wall fixtures. Etsy not only provides you with what you need, but gives various options as well. It’s your best bet when it comes to online shopping.

    A compilation of nonfiction thoughts and ideas, Thought Catalog brings together a variety of writers who discuss topics ranging from relationship advice to dealing with rejection to the perfect “Crap, I’m Broke!” grocery list.

    Thought Catalog is refreshing and informative; it stays true to cultural relevance and touches upon just about every subject. Sometimes poignant, but mostly hilarious, Thought Catalog is the storyboard mecca of the Internet.

    While many newsprint publications display their content online in various categories, newsmap takes this a step further by simplifying disorganized information that is spread across the Internet.

    Because news is consistently coming from all angles, whether it’s national, local, sports or entertainment, society expects everything to be fed to us in a quick and concise manner. Categorized in a way that is both simple and enlightening, newsmap compiles all of this information into colored coordinated categories.

    Not only that, but the colors range in hue depending on how recent it is. Stories that are less than 10 minutes old will appear in a bolder format. Headlines range in size to illustrate which article is being given the most coverage. In essence, newsmap brings a sense of organization to otherwise scattered-brained information.

    What began as a simple blog full of personal inspirations has transformed into a website stockpiled with an array of fashion tips and photos. Los Angeles’ beauty, Emily Schuman, is the quintessential girl-next-door and the mastermind behind Cupcakes and Cashmere.

    While Schuman’s style is both charming and alluring, it’s the resourcefulness of her website that continues to keep readers coming back. Not only are her outfits easily replicable, but she also includes various tabs of “How To’s” and photo tutorials.

    Cupcakes and Cashmere got its name from Schuman’s love for both fashion and food. The website also features enticing displays of recipes and restaurants. All things considered, Schuman is your go-to girl.

    If Forbes is for business junkies, Colossal is for art nerds. A complete epicenter for everything art, design and photography, this website is the digital form of crack.

    Colossal took root in 2010 when art enthusiast Christopher Jobson explored the world of art to provide mind-blowing images of what humans can create with their hands.

    Examples include toothpick sculptures, a man who “paints” with fire, and architectural wonders made from discarded wood. Altogether, Colossal is a one-stop shop for inspiration, consistently building a sense of adventure and discovery.

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