Athlete of the Week: Willie Tuitama

Arizona quarterback Willie Tuitama went 38-of-51 and threw for a school-record 510 yards in the Wildcats’ 48-41 win over Washington on Saturday, en route to nabbing Pacific 10 Conference Player of the Week accolades and setting a new school record for passing touchdowns in a season with 21. The Wildcat caught up with the junior to discuss his first Pac-10 weekly award, his record-breaking day and former UA running back Chris Henry.

Wildcat: How much of an honor is it to be named Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Week?

Tuitama: It feels really good. It is not just me, though. It is the rest of the offense. Coaches did a good job calling plays and outing us in good situations, and we just went out there and executed the way we can.

W: How does it feel to be named the Wildcat’s Athlete of the Week?

T: It is definitely cooler than “”Pac-10 athlete of the week”” (laughs). It is a great accomplishment, too.

W: How is your confidence after breaking those school records?

T: I am always confident. It is nice to go out there and break those records, but I just worry about each game and whether we win or lose.

W: What is your favorite football team?

T: Probably the Chargers or the Patriots. The only real reason I like (the Chargers) is because my uncle (Junior Seau) played for them for a while, and now he is with the Patriots.

W: Are you a ladies man?

T: I am whatever. I don’t know. … I am whatever (laughs).

W: What is the feeling of a touchdown pass?

T: It is the greatest feeling in the world. Throwing the ball up and seeing your guy go out there and make a play. There is just a lot energy in it. The whole sideline jumping around and stuff, and it is great especially at home.

W: Who is better, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?

T: I would have to say the King for sure – LeBron.

W: Colts or Patriots this weekend?

T: I have to go with the Pats.

W: Are the Browns going to make the playoffs?

T: I think so. I think so.

W: Former Wildcat Chris Henry scores a touchdown two weeks in a row – what is up with that?

T: He is just out there doing his thing. He is ballin’ right now. I definitely support him in every way.

W: What is the hottest sorority?

T: Ooooooh. You might get me into some trouble with that one. I don’t think I can answer this one.

W: What do you think of the BCS?

T: Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t think there should be co-champions at all. I think one team should get it. Maybe it would be a good idea to add a playoff.

W: If you could go back into one game and try and change the outcome, what game would it be?

T: I would probably say USC (on Oct. 13). That was a game we definitely had, but we just didn’t put out.

W: What is your dream car?

T: I don’t know. I like a lot of cars. For now, I would have to say (a) Ferrari or something. Something expensive. Maybe a Bentley.

W: Still think about bowl games?

T: It is definitely possible for us, I think. We need to go out and treat every game like it is a bowl game. We need play every game like it is our last.

as told to Ari Wasserman