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    “On the Spot: Patrick Ryan, art history freshman”

    Tell me about this pink hairdo and what inspired it?

    I was sitting outside of Coronado (Residence Hall) at like 3 a.m. and my friend Mandy came by, and she was going to dye her hair and I said, “”I am too.”” So I did, and it’s pink and it looks cool.

    Do you get a lot of comments on it or what?

    I get like a ton of chicks, from the hair. From this pink hair, like so many chicks from this hair it’s unbelievable.

    So you are like the guy version of Katy Perry with her blue hair?

    Oh yea, I touched Katy Perry’s boob one time, no big deal.

    Wait, where?

    At the Marquee (Theatre) in Phoenix, crazy nights.

    What is the craziest thing that has happened at Coronado since you moved in?

    I don’t know, there is a lot of fights, windrow breaking, mushrooms, people getting thrown through a window. A lot of stuff happens there, it’s the real world.

    The real world: Coronado.

    Yes, at UofA.

    If you could steal anything from your roommate what would it be?

    The microwave, so I could throw it out the window.

    Why? Not a fan of microwaves?

    He makes microwave chili and it’s really nasty.

    OK, but what is a possession of his that you really want?

    His pipe (laughs). But no, he really has nothing. Oh, his mac n’cheese, I guess. He really has no objects in his room, I have all the objects.

    What is the coolest object you have in your room?

    My Shiva, my little Indian statue. It’s like really old.

    Does it help you get through the stress of a UofA week?

    Oh, definitely, she guides me through everything I do, Shiva’s my girl (sic).

    Do you do yoga at all?

    I’ve done it before; I’m not good at it. I get self conscious of other people.

    I feel like you would do it in your room by yourself with your Shiva, or something.

    Maybe in the future Shiva and I will get down and do some yoga.

    OK, and what’s your favorite scent of incense? Because I feel like you and your Shiva could definitely make some use of incense.

    Well, considering I am not allowed to burn stuff in Coronado …

    But let’s say if you were allowed to, what would you be burning? That’s legal …

    Sage, perhaps, maybe some spice. Those are legal. Wait where is this interview going to be at?

    — Caroline Nachazel

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