“On the Spot: Markina Mirk, 12-year-old pageant winner from Swansea, Ariz.”

Arizona Daily Wildcat

What are you wearing and what does it represent?

I am wearing a dress that my nephew made that I wear for the pageant.

What pageant?

It’s what they do for talented people, anything you can do for talent, singing or anything.

What did you do for yours?

I sang a song for the tribe and I won the pageant. I’m here to listen to Barack Obama’s speech and I am here to support my district, Swansea tribe.

What is your favorite Disney princess, because you kind of have a Pocahontas thing going on here?


Do you wear the sash and outfit a lot of places?

Yes, to a lot of events and people always come up to me and ask me what it is.

Do you feel like a celebrity?

Yes, and I am only 12 years old. I am so thankful to my nephew who makes all my outfits.

What do you want to do when you are older?

I love travelling. White Mountain Apache has been my favorite place that I travelled to, it’s nice there is a little canyon you drive through; it’s really nice and cool. I also want to run for Miss Indian Arizona.

Wow, you definitely have what it takes.

I want to be a doctor, too.