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Mailbag: April 12

Letter to the editor

I  normally enjoy The Wildcat and am a supporter of student publications; however, I was very disappointed to see the public defamation of Cory Chitwood and the UA swim team on the front page. The story had no comments from any people on the team supposedly involved and was seemingly fabricated based on the lack of merit or research done by your reporter. It seems more of a “”he said, she said”” gossip story.

The article even states no police report was filed. The undeserving damage is done to Cory’s name as well as the entire team. Coach Frank Busch is very respected in the Tucson community, and the athletes work very hard every year to obtain a high reputation, but your article tore it down recklessly. I hope in the future you have more caution and regard for others before printing blatant slander.

— Andrea Smith

Undecided sophomore

Comments from

On ‘How Microsoft will drop the ball on project Natal,’ April 7


This article is all over the Internet. Good to see that Natal isn’t beyond criticism. Probably the first article of its kind right now; all we’ve heard about it are good things from our normal media sources. It’s hard not to agree that gamers should be playing it and testing it, not the media. Also, Natal has been having severe lag problems with the camera, which are well documented, and no one is mentioning that, with motion based games, this could completely ruin the experience. Nice job, though. I can see why this is circling around Twitter so much. At the very least, it’s definitely a discussion starter.

— Ridiculous

On ‘Free to make your own choices? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it,’ April 6

Do you know, if these things are thought through properly, there wouldn’t be a need for all this aggro. Give alternatives. Example, pubs, put a sign outside saying that the pub is either smoking or non smoking. Any problem with that. the smokers are happy, the non smokers are happy, the business is happy, the taxman is happy.

Oh and that thing about it not being normal, that came from a student did it. Ha! students, normal. Nah, the two don’t go together.

— A Brit

As a smoker, I wouldn’t be offended if someone told me I had to go to a designated spot for smoking, but I would be crazy pissed if they told me I couldn’t smoke on campus at all. The fact of whether or not second hand smoke is dangerous is not that concerning to me. The overall lack of concern for others with an attitude that completely disregards the fact that many people don’t want to be exposed to smoke is a far more obnoxious stance.

As a considerate smoker, I would be willing to make a compromise and smoke somewhere else, so I knew that if someone who did not want to be around all the cancer and coughing had the option of avoiding it.

— Eric

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