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    In response to “From the newsroom: Where do you get your national, international news?” (by Bethany Barnes, Nov. 5):

    Again, there’s 8,000 other outlets for world news. If you cannot decide on one to utilize that is not the Wildcat’s responsibility, it is your own. You should stick to campus news and UA topics, that’s what your niche is and why the DW is relevant. I don’t pick up the Wildcat to learn about world news, I pick it up for local (UA specific, often) news and it does that well.

    I feel like most students who care about world news are smart enough to find their own resources for it, and that you do not need to take away other content for it to exist within the Wildcat.

    — CChocobo

    In response to “Issues with anti-immigration laws deter Latino voters” (by Stephanie Casanova, Nov. 5):

    This is absolutely ridiculous — the concept that Latinos feel unwelcome because you have to furnish proof of citizenry!? Here’s a tip, you have nothing to worry about if you are here legally. Fall in line and stop playing the race card. You have nothing to be scared about if you’ve done nothing wrong.

    — KS

    In response to “Matt Scott suffered a concussion against UCLA, status for Colorado unclear” (by Zack Rosenblatt, Nov. 5):

    Let’s not kid ourselves, Matt Scott suffered a concussion the previous week against USC. He had no business returning to that game or starting against UCLA.

    — CH

    In response to “No sense in shrinking ZonaZoo” (by James Kelley Oct. 30):

    Well, at least we can give the Zoo a break, since they were not at the UCLA game. I think the student athletes get strength from the Zoo while at home games, even if its only to start the game. Huh? It’s a symbiotic relationship.

    Perhaps if you shrink the Zoo some of the students that would stay would be left out. Unless you can somehow interrogate the students to determine the ones that are into football. And only give them passes.

    Back in 2004 or so, before the electronic cards, the Zoo was packed. As it started to empty, people would spread out so that they wouldn’t have to stand sideways anymore. I know, I was there!
    Then they decided to cap/limit the amount of students because of fire codes? Insurance? Who knows? Sometimes an idea is pushed and it seems great, but in the long run other issues come along, like the ones we are discussing here!

    Also, slowly, the fun is being left out. No more OOH AHH man, (even before he departed). No more students climbing the poles with bull horns encouraging noise. Nor more Wilbur being handed up thru the students above their heads. No more beach balls. Mean spirited security pushing innocent people out of their way to get to a wrong doer. Waiting lines before the game. Students want the team to win, but they want to have a fun experience also.

    — Ronald Craig

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