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    Colbert back with Super PAC

    Stephen Colbert is truly a comedic genius, and an American treasure. During the primaries for the 2008 presidential election cycle, Colbert declared his candidacy for president, with both major political parties. While his paperwork was eventually rejected, it was still humorous and wondrous. Just think, what if Colbert had stolen votes in a primary?

    All the same, his stint on the frontline of politics was short-lived. Nonetheless, Colbert continues to be there for Comedy Central audiences who wish to see a man taunt and tease Republicans by pretending to be one. However, as is sometimes the case, you can’t keep a good man down. According to The New York Times, Colbert’s funny foray into the battlefield of politics is back in a slightly different manner.

    Colbert has formed his very own Super Political Action Committee, or Super PAC for short. The best part? It’s completely legitimate. Colbert filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission, and is now head of his very own Super PAC, “Making a better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.”

    This means that Colbert’s PAC can now spend as much money to advocate for whatever cause it wants in this election cycle. Colbert intends to do just that, and already has. Using what he dubbed a “megaphone of cash” Colbert has already taken jabs at the Ames straw poll, and the overall mockery that is gross overspending in political campaigns.

    Colbert’s antics couldn’t be more welcomed. As is the case in any election, both sides gripe and moan about “buying votes” while they do the exact same thing against their opponent. There is fund mismanagement on both sides, and who hasn’t heard gripping about how much President Obama spent during his campaign, or how Christine O’Donnell used campaign money to pay for her living expenses?

    While clean elections campaigns or committees can try all they want, the power of the almighty dollar, and lots of them, will always reign supreme until otherwise noted. While we would like to ignore it, thankfully Colbert won’t. Hats off to him for his humor, and I can’t wait to see what nonsensical ads will pop up soon.

    — Storm Byrd is the Perspectives editor for the Daily Wildcat. He can be reached at

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