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    Grab Bag

    We can only assume this is Gary Busey right before he plunged an axe through a door and hollered Heres Johnny!
    We can only assume this is Gary Busey right before he plunged an axe through a door and hollered ‘Here’s Johnny!’

    Getting the third degree

    The red carpet interview that Ryan Seacrest held at the Academy Awards on Sunday led me to believe that Seacrest doesn’t know appropriate questions to ask a women with child, or at least if that women is Jessica Alba. When Seacrest was interviewing Jessica “”Don’t call me Latina”” Alba, he decided it would be appropriate to request the knowledge of whether or not she was going to breast-feed. I think Seacrest was attempting to go for the same type of joke that Ellen Degeneres did when she interviewed Christina Aguilera. Seacrest, however, failed to realize that Degeneres was making a “”funny because it’s true”” joke because Aguilera was appearing more well-endowed than usual with her low-cut top – whereas with Alba and her maroon gown, there was no indication that question would ever be appropriate. What was even funnier was the look on Alba’s face, because she appears to be pretty conservative about herself and her body. I don’t think she would have ever felt comfortable answering that question, especially not on cable TV. Maybe if Seacrest would have asked Steve Carell a similar joke it would have been funnier, but a entertainment commentator needs to know that you can’t ask the same questions to everybody – especially not Jessica Alba.

    Mauling Garner

    The second inappropriate event that occurred on the red carpet was when Gary Busey decided to maul Jennifer Garner and Laura Linney during their pre-Oscar interview with E! News. described it as so: “”Busey then moved in and smooched Linney and then basically mauled Jennifer who was a princess and took it, even though he even kissed her on the neck. She did look quite stunned, though.”” Now, we all know Busey is a few flowers short of a bundle, and he is now semi-apologizing for it. Busey went on Seacrest’s radio show and said that he “”didn’t know (Seacrest was) in the middle of an interview.”” So I guess it’s as much of an apology as we are ever going to get out of Busey. His Internet Movie Database biography profile describes him as having “”a toothy grin and capable of an unsettling glint in his eyes.”” I just felt bad that poor Jennifer Garner had to stand there and take her mauling like a man.

    Partisan Psych 101

    According to a recent article in The Washington Post, Republicans are happier than Democrats. The article, an opinion piece by Eric Weiner, brings about some interesting data about happiness among political parties. According to the article, a 2006 Pew Research poll found that 45 percent of Republicans describe themselves as “”very happy,”” while only about 30 percent of Democrats (and 29 percent of Independents) see themselves as a happy bunch. I found this article to be highly interesting given the light of the government with the upcoming election. Weiner brought up a very interesting point: “”the happiest countries in the world tend to be homogenous ones, such as Denmark and Iceland, not the ethnic melting pots that liberals celebrate.”” This may be a farfetched idea, but maybe the reason that John McCain isn’t worrying about petty political debates right now while Obama and Clinton tear each other apart is because of some underlying extremity of happiness he’s experiencing. Who could possibly be happier right now? McCain, who is the chosen Republican as of now with no one to campaign against in his party, or Obama and Clinton who are at one another’s necks spending shit loads of money to be the presidential nominee? I am not sure about them, but being defensive all the time would make me really … unhappy.

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