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    UA to ‘Stop the Hate’ with election event

    UA and Tucson Democrats exult in the  post-election joy on Tuesday, after Barack Obama was declared President-elect.
    UA and Tucson Democrats exult in the post-election joy on Tuesday, after Barack Obama was declared President-elect.

    Campus groups will celebrate this year’s historic election on the UA Mall Wednesday at 1 p.m. with “”Stop The Hate And Celebrate: Yes We Did!”” The event will bring student groups together to celebrate campus diversity along with a new president. The event is also meant to act as a symbol of groups moving past the mistakenly run comic from last week.

    Ezekiel Gebrekidane, a chemistry senior and former Associated Students of The University of Arizona senator, said the event is so far planned as an open forum for students, along with music and poetry as well as other presentations. Specific group involvement and scheduling finalization will take place this evening.

    “”After the comic there was definitely a ‘where do we go from here…’ stage, and this is what came out of the brainstorming,”” said Seema Patel, ASUA administrative vice president.

    “”(This event) is in response to the comic, but at this point it encompasses a larger campus community. The overall goal of it is to promote change, which I think has been propelled by the election, as well as celebrate our campus diversity and unity of all groups, whether it be marginalized minority groups or just the Wildcat family as a group, just celebrating the fact that we are a campus comprised of so many types of students and that we have a kind of unity and bond with each other,”” said Patel.

    “”In light of what happened this past week, the students chose to move forward,”” Gebrekidane – who attended last week’s meeting concerning the comic – said. “”We don’t want the negative spirit that has taken place, to overshadow the significant (choice) this country has made.””

    He said the collective message he gathered from students was the desire for the Wildcat to be representative of the entire community.

    “”The comic wasn’t representative of UA students, and the theme we are sending is that we are promoting change, diversity and unity on campus,”” he said. “”We forgive (the Wildcat’s) mistake, and do not do it again. And we want the Wildcat to be accountable in terms of educating their staff.””

    “”It’s not a negative message that we’re trying to emphasize; it’s the positive that comes out of it and the fact that there is a campus community that cares about each other … and build on a the UA mission of celebrating that diversity,”” Patel said.

    Although confirmation is still needed for the specific clubs and groups that will be participating in the event, Patel said ASUA will definitely be taking part.

    “”There are so many groups that want to take part, that there isn’t one group that is dominating … it’s a collaborative, collective event,”” she said.

    “”(This is) a huge campus operation. It’s not just one group that feels marginalized, I think it’s many groups, and I think that a lot of allies are coming out just in support of diversity,”” she said.

    “”We’re coming off this huge election that has a message of change, and giving a voice to those that normally haven’t had one, whether it’s younger voters or just marginalized citizens of the U.S. So kind of mirroring that election to this campus community, we’re trying to include absolutely everyone.””

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