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    Students: Candidates should do more outreach

    Newly elected ASUA officials praised a high turnout of 3,553 ballots cast for this year’s general elections.

    In fact, the number was the lowest since 2002.

    Gabby Ziccarelli, the leading vote-getter among ASUA Senate candidates, attributed what she called a “”high turnout”” to the increased quality of candidates’ platforms and more student-interaction within campaigns.

    “”I’m very pleased with the large voter turnout,”” said senator-elect Jason E. Mighdoll. “”When more people show up like this, it shows that people really want you.””

    Students questioned before the results were announced yesterday said they wished candidates had been more proactive in making their platforms clear, rather than relying on flyers to get across their stances.

    “”There need to be more people making you aware,”” said Hannah Harris, an education freshman.

    Flyers rarely conveyed candidates’ positions on important issues and instead told students to vote blindly, said Tabatha Holan, a sophomore majoring in engineering and optical science.

    “”The flyers are useless,”” she said. “”People should vote, but only if they know what a person stands for.””

    The low voter turnout may have less to do with candidates’ means of communication and more to do with an overall student detachment from UA student government, said Laura Greene, an education sophomore.

    “”They may not see how ASUA affects them,”” she said. “”A lot of people don’t really know how students in government affect college campuses.””

    Students should take the time to get to know their government leaders, if only to acknowledge the work they do, said Niki Hadany, a nutritional sciences freshman.

    “”Even if students don’t feel like it affects them, (officials) are putting all the effort forth and making good policies,”” she said.

    ASUA President Tommy Bruce, who in being re-elected unopposed received the most votes (3,036) of any candidate, complimented the efforts of elections commissioner Amy Adamcin last night.

    He also pointed out that the general election turnout exceeded the number of primary voters (1,358) by more 2,000 students.

    In 2002, 2,995 students voted for the general election.

    While voting is optional, students should consider the privilege precious and make it their responsibility, said Megan Lloyd, an undeclared freshman.

    “”We have the right to vote, so we should,”” she said.

    In order to reach a wider audience and spur student interest, candidates should create and promote their own Web sites more efficiently.

    The lack of a prevalent mass-media influence in ASUA elections is the cause of voter ignorance, Lloyd said.

    “”Advertising makes a big difference,”” she said. “”Most people don’t know the issues and who stands for what.””

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