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    Police Beat

    Cited for being ‘impaired to the slightest degree’

    A man was cited and released on two driving under the influence charges Feb. 21 at 10:13 p.m.

    While on patrol an officer saw a vehicle pull out of the 7-Eleven on Martin Avenue and Speedway Boulevard. The vehicle pulled into the furthest lane, swerved into the second lane and then moved back to the third lane. The officer began to follow the vehicle, which turned southbound on Campbell Avenue and westbound on University Boulevard. The vehicle then turned back the way it came, went eastbound on University Boulevard, northbound on Campbell Avenue and finally westbound on Speedway Boulevard. While on University Boulevard, the car was going 15 mph in a 20 mph area. The officer noted that the vehicle seemed to be making turns to possibly get away from the cop car.

    The officer pulled the vehicle over near Warren Avenue and Speedway Boulevard.

    When the officer made contact with the driver, he noted that the man’s hands were shaking. The officer also noticed that the man had red, watery eyes, a flushed face, slow, slightly slurred speech and an odor of intoxicants coming from his breath. The man told the officer that he was coming from a beer pong tournament at the Wooden Nickel Tavern, 1908 S. Country Club Rd. He said he had three or four beers.

    The officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle, which he did with no problems. The man agreed to perform short tests to determine his ability to drive. The man had trouble with some of the tests, showing six out of six cues of intoxication. He was placed in handcuffs and taken to the University of Arizona Police Department station.

    At the station, the man was given two breathalyzer tests; one showed a Blood Alcohol Content of .131 and the other showed a BAC of .130.

    The man was cited and released for DUI-impaired to the slightest degree, DUI- with a BAC .08 or above, and improper position for a right turn.

    Man asks police to help combat ‘voices’

    A man was taken to Kino Hospital for evaluation Feb. 23 at 9:08 p.m.

    Police responded to the UA Main Library after a man called them on a pay phone. The man told officers he was hearing voices that were telling him to hurt himself.

    Upon arrival, police met with the man who said he was on medication for mental disorders. He said someone took his medication or he lost it that evening. He was supposed to take his medication daily, but his last dose was taken the night before.

    The man told officers that the voices in his head were telling him to either get a gun and shoot himself or get a knife and stab himself. He said the voices were getting stronger. He also said that in the past he cut his wrists when he heard the voices. He denied having any injuries at the moment.

    The man said he wanted to voluntarily go to Kino Hospital for treatment. He was transported there for evaluation and admitted to the hospital.

    Mean comments lead to man’s self-choking

    A man was taken to University Medical Center for mental health evaluation Feb. 23 at 7:38 p.m.

    Police responded to the Education Building in reference to a suicidal man. The man flagged down two students and told them he felt like killing himself.

    When they arrived, police made contact with the man and the two students.

    The two students told police they had been walking towards the Second Street Parking Garage when they noticed a man standing near the bushes. They said the man was making choking and coughing noises and had his hands around his throat. They asked him if he needed any help. He told them he was trying to hurt himself. He said he was tired of being bullied and harassed by teenagers on Fourth Avenue and he just could not take it anymore. The two students continued to talk to the man to calm him down. While speaking with him, one of the students texted one of her professors and told her about the situation. The professor contacted UAPD.

    The students said the man did not make any threats towards them but repeatedly said he wanted to hurt himself.

    The man told officers that he was upset after being harassed earlier in the day. While he was walking towards campus, a group of men drove by him and yelled “”jaywalker,”” “”son of a bitch”” and other derogatory comments. The man said these comments bothered him because they happened frequently. He told police that for years, people have yelled and made fun of him.

    The man said that as a result of the comments, he wanted to choke himself to death. He said he was going to choke himself when he saw his friends, but decided to talk to them about it instead. After explaining the situation to them, he calmed down and changed his mind about hurting himself.

    The man said he was seeing a doctor for mental health issues, but that he was denied being prescribed any medications.

    The man voluntarily agreed to be transported to UMC and admitted himself for a mental health evaluation.

    ‘It was a stupid thing to do.’

    A man was cited and released for shoplifting Feb. 23 at 12:23 p.m.

    Police responded to the U of A bookstore in reference to a man in custody.

    When they arrived, they met with a store employee who said that while monitoring the cameras, he saw a man tear some pages out of a spiral notebook and place them in his backpack.

    Police made contact with the man. While he was giving officers his identification, they noticed he had cash and a bankcard in his wallet. He told them he had $13 in cash and about $200 on his bankcard. They asked him why he tore the paper from the notebook. He said, “”It was a stupid thing to do.””

    The man was cited and released on the scene. He was also referred to the Dean of Student’s Office. The total cost of the damaged notebook was $18.03.

    Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found at

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