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    Hashing it out

    In response to Twitter’s trending topics #ladieswewantanswers and #menwewantanswers, the Arts & Life staff provides some insight into how men and women think:


    Why do guys act different in front of their friends?

    A girlfriend serves a different purpose than a guy’s friends. The connection between a man and his girlfriend is more intimate. Ideally, when alone, the guy will be more open with his feelings, sweeter, more willing to be, for lack of a better word, “couple-y.” Around his boys, there’s a certain requirement for machismo. That doesn’t mean he has to be a complete meat-head Neanderthal, but there’s a chance he might act like more of an idiot in your eyes.

    Why don’t you ever compliment us when you know we took hours to look good for you?

    There comes a point in a relationship when giving a compliment loses its effect. The girl doesn’t notice it, but men do. In the beginning when a man says something nice to his girl, her eyes light up and she truly seems flattered. Eventually, that genuine gratitude becomes a flat “thanks.” But then, out of nowhere, a girl decides she misses hearing more compliments and starts to get upset, leaving men screwed (in a bad way).

    If you know a girl has a boyfriend, why still try to get with her?

    Cheating is bad, plain and simple, but unless there’s a ring, a guy still technically has a chance, no matter how slim. Men also don’t like to rule any options out, and can be very determined in their pursuit. Now, some guys take it too far, but subtle flirting gives the impression of interest, leaving the possibility of a future romance open.

    Is a girl who’s ambitious off-putting to guys?

    It’s not the ambition itself, just that it implies a busy work life — and while women should have whatever career they want, some guys might not want their girls more dedicated to their careers than to their men. Overwhelming ambition is a bit of a red flag. No ambition, however, is worse.

    Why do guys scratch their balls in public?

    Girls adjust their bras in public. Just because guys like breasts and girls may not like balls shouldn’t be a factor. Yes, some men are too overt with it, but most try and be stealthy. There are a lot of different ways a man can feel uncomfortable because of his junk and sometimes there’s no waiting. When nature calls, the call must be answered.

    Why can’t you have one girl and one girl only?

    If a girl has to ask herself this, she’s dating the wrong type of guy. Either the guy is a douche or he isn’t the relationship type. Find someone who is fine with one girl. They’re out there, everywhere.

    Why don’t you ever say how you feel?

    Men are more prone to action and that’s how their feelings are expressed. After a long day of school or work, when a man comes home, sits down and zones out watching TV, his actions say he doesn’t feel like talking. On the other hand, when he spontaneously buys his girl a gift, that means he loves her. In a strong relationship, words aren’t always necessary, no matter how nice they are to hear.

    — Jason Krell is a junior studying creative writing and Italian. He can be reached at


    Why do you complain about all men being the same and when you do find the nice guy you make him your friend?

    Even though we want a nice guy, we know that a particular person is best as a friend. Also, a relationship can completely ruin anything we have with that person. If we care enough about them, sometimes we don’t want to risk it.

    Why do you take relationship advice from your single friend who can’t keep a man in the first place?

    It’s not necessarily that we are taking advice from a single person, it’s more that we want someone to vent to about the relationship. Most likely, if a girl is “taking advice” from a single friend, she was already planning on doing whatever the advice was. Girls usually do not let one person’s opinion or suggestion sway them completely.

    Why do you think Uggs are cute?

    We don’t. At least, I don’t. They are comfortable, warm and match pretty much everything. It’s like wearing sweats. It’s not necessarily fashionable, but it’s comfortable.

    Is it the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean?

    Both. It doesn’t have to be the Titanic, but it has to fit in the harbor. As for the motion part, plain and simple, sex isn’t good for anyone if you don’t know what you’re doing, no matter how big the boat.

    Why is it when I give you a specific time to get ready, you take 30 more minutes to get ready?

    Getting ready is a process. You should be glad your girlfriend tries to look good for you.

    How can you do that much shopping?

    How can you watch that much sports?

    How can you endure childbirth, stilettos, etc., but a spider stops you in your tracks?

    Spiders are gross. We can overcome fears like falling in high heels or the pain of childbirth, but bugs are just disgusting. There is no overcoming that.

    If Forever 21 closed down, what would you all do?

    Thank God for H&M.

    What exactly do you carry in those big purses?

    I know all guys always wonder what is in a girl’s purse, but it is an unwritten rule to not look inside. Here is an exact inventory of the items in my purse right now: keys, day planner, iPod, camera, pen case, wallet, water bottle, computer charger, phone, gum, makeup bag and some “just in case” feminine products. Mystery solved.

    — Ashley Pearlstein is a journalism junior. She can be reached at

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