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    Police Beat

    Man enters wrong room in Coronado

    Police were called to Coronado Residence Hall Oct. 10 at 9:25 a.m. for a disturbance in one of the rooms.

    Two girls called police after they say a man came into their room from the bathroom around 3 a.m. The girls said they were asleep at the time.

    One of the girls asked the man to leave saying, “”You’re in the wrong room.”” The man replied, “”No, no it’s cool. It’s OK.”” The girls said they then became frightened and made a lot of commotion to get attention from the resident assistant. One even walked to the door and opened it for the man to leave.

    An RA and the girl who lived next door and shared a bathroom with the girls came into the room and got him out.

    When police arrived they interviewed the man and the girls. The man was a guest of the girl’s neighbor. He told officers that he was not familiar with the dorms so he walked into the wrong room. He also said that he was tired and did not really remember the incident but only remembered someone saying “”Oh, you need to get out”” and the girl he was staying with pull him back into her room through the bathroom. The man admitted to drinking a couple of beers that night.

    The man was told to stay away from the two women. No charges were pressed.

    Woman receives texts violating court order

    Police responded to a call for a court order violation Oct. 12 at 4:30 p.m.

    A student called police saying that another woman she had a court order against for harassment had sent her two text messages and attempted to call her. One text message said, “”Hey, I’m not harassing you, just please pick up when I call.”” The other one mentioned that she wanted to talk about the situation.

    When the woman tried calling the student, her roommate answered and told her that any contact she attempted to make with her roommate was a violation of the court order.

    Police went to the Coconino dorm to talk to the woman who was calling and texting. She told police that she thought the injunction against harassment was only against her making physical contact with the other student. She said she did not know that it meant all forms of communication.

    Police warned the woman that if she attempted to make contact with the student again she would be arrested and taken to jail for violating a court order.

    Three men discovered in sorority house

    Police were flagged down outside the Gamma Phi Beta sorority house after three men entered the house Oct. 12.

    A woman flagged down police outside of her sorority house after she said three men entered the house uninvited. The woman told officers she was coming home to her sorority when she saw a man jump over the east side of a wall near the house. He said there was another man standing near the area. The woman told officers that she did not think much of this because she did not think they could get into the house from that location. About ten minutes later she said that she saw at least two men attempting to open a sliding glass door on the east side of the ground level of the sorority house.

    The woman told officers that she and her roommate went to the basement to see where the men where. When they opened the door to go into a room they saw three men, two wearing dark hooded sweatshirts covering their heads. The woman said that when she and her roommate pushed open the door and the men ran out of the house.

    The woman told officers she saw them run eastbound. While police saw three men matching the descriptions of the men they were unable to make contact. A further search of the area resulted in negative contact.

    A report was filed so there was a record of the incident.

    Man miscalculates his own age twice

    Police made contact with a man in relation to the men entering the Gamma Phi Beta House on Oct. 12.

    Police stopped the man to talk to him about possibly entering the house. The officer recognized the man from an incident the night before where the man was arrested for theft and criminal damage.

    Police asked the man for his ID. He gave them a Texas ID. The night before the man had given them the same ID but the Texas MVD records were not working at the time.

    Police asked the man how old he was to which he replied, “”20.”” Police then asked him when his birthday was. He said “”May 6, 1985.”” The police told the man that if that was his birthday he would not be 20 years old. He then said “”Oh my date of birth is May 6, 1983.”” The police informed the man that he was getting older as they talked to him and his story did not match up. The man responded by saying, “”Sorry, I’m a little drunk.””

    Police ran the ID this time and it came back fictitious. The man insisted that it was a real ID. Police continued telling him they did not believe him. Eventually he told police his real date of birth and provided information on an Arizona license.

    The man was arrested for underage drinking, false reporting to an officer and having a fake ID. Police also added underage drinking and false reporting to an officer for his crime the day before.

    The man was taken to Pima County Jail where he was booked on those charges. He was also referred to the Dean of Students.

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