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    Police Beat

    A black Mercedes-Benz was damaged while it was parked in Lot 3039, 945 N. Palm Road, between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Feb. 17.

    An officer went to the address regarding a hit-and-run. He spoke with the car’s owner, who said he had parked the vehicle in the parking lot at 11:30 am. When he returned he discovered the front plastic bumper had been pulled off.

    The damage to the bumper appeared to be caused by another bumper hooking onto it and pulling it from its plastic mounting.

    A check on the area yielded no evidence, paint transfer on the bumper or debris from a suspect vehicle.

    No witness could be found in the area.

    An officer responded to Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall, 922 E. Fourth St., at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 17, regarding suspected marijuana possession in one of the rooms.

    When the officer arrived, he met with a resident assistant who led him to both occupants of the room in question. Both students were seated in the hallway, which smelled like burnt marijuana.

    The door to their room was closed, and the officer was unable to determine if the smell was coming from that room.

    He pulled one of the students aside and noticed he had bloodshot eyes. His clothes also smelled slightly of marijuana smoke.

    The officer asked him to stick out his tongue and saw that it had a green film and raised taste buds.

    The student said he didn’t have marijuana in the room and he hadn’t smoked any recently.

    The officer spoke with the other student, who showed no signs or symptoms of having smoked marijuana. He said he had just gotten home about 10 minutes before the officer arrived.

    The officer asked the first student if he could look inside the room, and the student said no. The officer asked why not, and the student said, “”Because it’s not fair. It could be anyone’s room,”” according to reports.

    The officer then spoke to the student who lives next door to the room in question. The student said he had been in his room when he noticed the odor of marijuana.

    He said he had had his window open and was able to tell that the room in question had its window open. He believed the smell was coming from there.

    The officer advised the occupants of the room that he would be forwarding their case to the Dean of Students Office.

    A student was referred to the Dean of Students Office at 8:25 p.m. Feb. 17 for a weapons policy violation.

    At 7:44 p.m., an officer responded to 1418 E. Fourth St., near Hopi Residence Hall, in regard to suspicious activity. The officer spoke with a student who said another student had reported that his roommate had weapons in their room.

    He said the student reported a bow staff and other martial arts weapons.

    He said he had never seen any weapons in the room and had not had any problems with the weapons’ owner in their hall.

    He added that the roommate who reported the weapons was in the process of being evicted due to alcohol violations.

    The officer spoke with the roommate via telephone. The student said his roommate kept the reported items in the room, as well as a knife with a 10-inch blade.

    The officer asked the student if his roommate had ever threatened to use or had used the weapons in front of him and he said no. He said his roommate has had the weapons in the room all year and that he was concerned for his safety.

    The officer spoke to the weapons’ owner in his dorm room. He admitted to having the bow staff and then showed the officer a wooden dowel approximately six-feet long with straight ends.

    He said he uses it for Taekwondo, and that he has practiced at the Student Recreation Center.

    The student also showed him pairs of sais and tonfas and nunchucks he keeps in his dresser, as well as two pocket knives.

    The officer searched the room and found no more weapons. The officer advised the student to take the bow staff off of campus.

    The student’s roommate was offered a different room to stay in and said he would stay with his girlfriend.

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