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    Police Beat

    Police confronted a man upset because he had received a parking citation Nov. 5.

    The man’s car had been booted at Lot 2030 near the intersection of East Mabel Street and North Campbell Avenue because the man had five outstanding parking tickets dating back to December 2000.

    The man went to Parking and Transportation Services, 1117 E. Sixth St., to have the boot removed but was told he needed to first pay the five parking violations, totaling $205.

    The man became angry. He said he could not pay the fines and that he needed to get to a hospital in California because his father was dying.

    “”If you kill my father, I’m gonna kill someone here,”” the man told a PTS employee, according to reports.

    Another employee offered to let the man pay $60 that day and keep the remaining four tickets on his file. The man agreed to the terms but said he would take the department to court to fight the remaining tickets because he is a human-rights lawyer.

    An off-duty officer met with a man seen urinating on the wall at gate 15 of Arizona Stadium, 540 N. Vine Ave., at 1 p.m. Nov. 3.

    As the officer spoke with the man, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from his mouth, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

    The man denied drinking and said he was “”drunk on water,”” according to reports.

    After getting the man’s identification, the officer determined the man was 18 years old. The officer administered a Breathalyzer test, cited the man and then released him.

    The man was told that if he returned to the stadium, he would be considered trespassing.

    Three women called police to report clothing and other items stolen from their rooms at Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., at 3:30 p.m. Nov. 3.

    When officers arrived, the women said they believed a roommate was responsible for stealing the clothing. The officer asked why they thought it was their roommate, and they said because they had seen the woman wearing the clothing, giving it to other people and posing in items on Facebook. All three women reported that items in their closet would go missing and then be found later in odd places.

    The officer spoke with the woman accused of stealing the clothing, and she admitted that she had stolen the items but that she did not mean to.

    “”I come from a family of seven brothers and sisters, and we share everything,”” she said, according to reports.

    The woman admitted she was wrong and would pay her roommates back with a check her grandmother was sending her in the mail.

    The officers arrested the woman on two counts of theft and two counts of criminal damage.

    An officer responded to a traffic accident at East Speedway Boulevard and North Campbell Avenue at 10:40 p.m. Nov. 3.

    The officer noticed a man sitting on a curb west of the intersection with a large amount of blood on him. The man attempted to stand but fell to the ground and grasped his right leg.

    As the officer approached, the man began to beat box. The officer noticed a cut on the man’s forehead and many cuts on his legs. Before paramedics could assist the man, he balled up his fists and shouted at the officer that he wanted to fight.

    The officer told him, “”You don’t want to go there,”” according to reports.

    The officer asked the man what hurt the most, and the man said, “”Everything hurts, asshole, but my leg is worse,”” according to reports.

    When asked if the man was walking or in a vehicle when the crash occurred, the man pointed to a Nissan Maxima and said he had been driving it.

    The man was taken to University Medical Center to be treated for injuries.

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