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    Police Beat: May 3

    Birthday marijuana found in dorm room

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived at the Coronado Residence Hall on April 25 at 6:42 p.m. after an anonymous person reported marijuana in one of the rooms.

    When the officer arrived, he could smell a strong odor of marijuana in the hallway. He found a room with a door open, where the smell was the strongest.

    The officer knocked on the door and could see that there was only one woman inside. She identified herself with an Arizona drivers license. A window was also open, and there was a fan blowing toward it.

    The woman told the officer that her friend, who lived down the hall, had been in the room smoking with her and that she had some marijuana in the room but that her friend had the pipe out of which they were smoking.

    The officer noticed several empty bottles of alcohol in the room as well.

    The woman said she bought the marijuana for her birthday, which was the previous day, and that she normally does not smoke. She took a small baggie from the top drawer of her desk and handed it to the officer.

    Another UAPD officer found the friend in her dorm room. The friend said she smoked marijuana in the woman’s room with a glass pipe that she had in her purse. She also told the officer that they purchased the marijuana from an unknown person at a party for $20.

    The friend was arrested for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The other woman was also arrested for possession of marijuana. Both woman were cited and released on scene.

    Code of Conduct referrals were sent to the Dean of Students for both women.

    Men go swimming, get arrested

    Several UAPD officers were dispatched to the Hillenbrand Aquatic Center swimming pool on April 25 at 1:17 a.m. after an intrusion alarm was set off.

    One officer told another officer that there were two men on the west side of the building running north toward University Boulevard.

    One of the men was caught while the other continued running across University Boulevard.

    The officers searched the area where the man had run to and found the man sitting on the ground under a stairwell in the breezeway of the Kuiper Space Sciences building.

    The man identified himself verbally and told the officer that he had been celebrating his friend’s 21st birthday and that his friend wanted to go swimming in the Hillenbrand pool. The man said they had been at a party at the Sam Hughes Apartments, where he drank four beers. He also said that he did not get in the pool but admitted to being inside the gated area while his friend jumped in.

    While they were in there, the man said they noticed the cops, got scared and decided to run. He also said that he was with three other men.

    When the officer asked about the two men who had not been detained, the man invoked his rights and chose not to answer any more questions.

    While speaking with the man, the officer had noticed a strong smell of alcohol on his breath and watery, bloodshot eyes.

    After the officer was done speaking the man, another officer reported seeing two men coming over the walls of the Aquatic Center.

    The other officer stopped both of the men, and one of the men started running as the other yelled, “”Don’t do it, man!””

    All the men who were caught coming from inside the pool area were arrested for second degree criminal trespassing. Two of the men were also cited for minor in possession.

    Paraphernalia found after traffic stop

    A UAPD officer was watching traffic at the intersection of Sixth Street and National Championship Drive on April 26 at 4:49 p.m. when he saw a speeding silver car.

    The officer pulled the driver over, and, when he walked up to the driver’s side door, he could smell a strong oder of marijuana coming from inside.

    The officer identified four of the men inside the car with there Arizona drivers licenses, and the fifth man verbally identified himself.

    All five men were asked to step out of the car individually and sit on the curb.

    While searching the car, the officer found a large zip-top bag in which there was marijuana underneath the passenger seat.

    In the trunk, inside a blue duffle bag, the officer found a large glass bong, a blue metal smoking pipe and a metal grinder. The driver told the officer that the bag was his.

    All of the other men gave the officer their permission to search their bags. Inside a black Under Armor bag, the officer found a tin box with rolling papers, a baggie with marijuana buds, dryer sheets and a black scale.

    After interviewing each man, the driver was arrested for speeding and three counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Another man was arrested for possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. The third man was arrested for possession of marijuana. The three men were cited and released on scene.

    Pregnant woman off to St. Louis

    A UAPD officer was requested by Tucson Police Department to do a welfare check of a possibly missing UA student on April 27 at 8:37 a.m. The officer was also told that the woman’s apartment window was broken.

    The officer called the Dean of Students to request a copy of the woman’s class schedule, and the Dean told the officer that she had been in the office several times because of problems with her boyfriend.

    The woman’s schedule showed she had one class on Tuesday mornings. The officer went to the class in the Atmospheric Sciences building and told the professor that he need to interrupt the class because he was looking for a student.

    When the officer asked the class if the woman was present, two girls in the back of the room giggled and covered their mouths with their hands. The officer asked if either one of them was the woman he was looking for, and they said no and that she hardly ever went to class.

    The officer went to the woman’s boyfriend’s apartment, but there was no one there. He then went to the woman’s apartment, and it was empty as well. The officer notified TPD of his findings.

    A TPD officer later told the UAPD officer that the woman was found to be halfway to St. Louis, Mo., with her boyfriend because she was pregnant.

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