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Police Beat: February 18, 2015

Stay away, stay away, stay away

A UA student was receiving text message threats on Feb. 11 at approximately 5 p.m.

A University of Arizona Police Department officer was contacted behind Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall about a female student receiving threatening messages. The student and her friend determined the person’s approximate birth date from social media posts. The texts were associated with a phone number, which the student had on her phone.

“And if you do not want to get the shit beat out of you, you will stay far away from me and him,” the messenger said. The message referred to the messenger’s boyfriend. The student said she believed she was receiving these threats because she is friends with the messenger’s boyfriend. When she advised the messenger to go see a psychiatrist, she said, “Keep talking shit. I’ll find you and kill you.”

The UA student was assaulted approximately three times on Friday morning at a greek house party held off-campus. The person sending the messages grabbed her hair and dragged her to the ground. The UAPD officer advised her about Injunctions Against Harassment, and she agreed to obtain it soon.

The officer contacted the messenger, and she denied knowing who the student was or sending the threatening messages. The UA student had a nickname, which the woman on the phone referenced to when she claimed she met the individual once but had no other contact with her. The officer advised her against sending threatening messages and initiating future contact.

The student was notified. The officer contacted the messenger. The officer completed a Dean of Students Referral “FYI” form in reference to this incident.

Dishonorable discharge

A non-UA-affiliated individual was reported trespassing on UA property on Feb. 11 at approximately 11:08 p.m.

An UAPD officer responded to a call from the University of Arizona Medical Center security staff about a man in the area of Campbell Avenue and Elm Street who refused to leave the property and was being uncooperative.

The individual was highly agitated and said he felt he did not have to leave the property. He was standing in the yard on the property’s north side. According to the officer, he appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicating substance. He was stumbling, had a strong smell of alcohol and had red, watery eyes.

UAMC staff said the individual was discharged from the emergency department earlier that day, but he was “hanging around the hospital property and other UA properties in the area since his discharge.”

After the UAMC staff told the man that he was required to leave the property, he became agitated and said, “Fuck you!” repeatedly to officers. He also demanded the badge numbers from the officers, which were provided to him.

He was escorted off of the property and sat at the south corner of Campbell Avenue and Elm Street. He opened his backpack and drank from a bottle of Rare Reserve vodka. The officers arrested his for drinking in public.

The individual was transported to Pima County Jail and booked. While at the jail, he was uncooperative and refused to provide officers with any identifying information. The jail staff removed him from the booking area and placed him in the prisoner area immediately.

His backpack was placed in UAPD property for safekeeping. His cellphone and wallet were placed in prisoner property at the jail. An officer completed victim rights information and forwarded it to UA Department of Risk Management Services.

— Compiled by Amber White

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