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    “On the spot: Nick Small, Pre-business freshman”

    Did you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Tuesday night?

    No I missed it, but I think my roommate taped it, so.

    He actually taped it? You’re serious?

    Yeah, I think so.

    By your request?

    Uh, I told him to turn it on and I think we were doing something else so I think he taped it.

    OK, so when are you planning on watching it?

    Probably later on.

    (Laughs) All right then. Well, I did watch it and there was some ridiculous stuff on there. Why do you think they have to wear wings when they’re just modeling underwear?

    Um, I think they have to wear wings in case there’s creepers in the front rows who are trying to grab them. Then they can just flutter up and get away from them, you know?

    (Laughs) OK, I’ll take your word for it. Are you an avid watcher of those shows or have you watched them in the past?

    I’ve probably watched it for a couple years. I missed last year’s though, I was pretty bummed. This year I’m back on track and ready to go.

    What do you like more, watching the models or seeing the new designs?

    Um, probably the models. Yeah.

    Are you kind of surprised that it was aired on CBS, because with all the jiggling that’s going on it’s basically just like soft-core porn, right?

    Right, yeah. Yeah I think that would be more of a FOX program because FOX likes to sneak in those dirty things. But CBS, props to them for putting it out there, you know?

    — Brian Kimball

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