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    Wildcat ASUA Endorsements


    Tommy Bruce

    Tommy Bruce has a hard time recalling the last book he read. Why?

    Because he has dedication seeping from his pores. And don’t let his class standing fool you either; as a business and economics sophomore, Tommy Bruce has more experience with ASUA than a fourth (or even fifth) year senior and has spent the past year as ASUA President Erin Hertzog’s right hand as chief of staff. From working on the highly successful UA Votes campaign to making Family Weekend one of the biggest events of the year, Bruce knows the organization inside and out, even backward and forward. In addition, Bruce’s platform was 13 pages long, evidence of just how much he knows about the importance and prominence of the role of ASUA president.

    Among Bruce’s platforms: polishing academic advising as well as revamping the general education system – both worthy, but what’s more impressive is that he has realistic ambitions in mind. Among the savviest of his proposals is his faculty advisor mentor program – an idea that has two components we often see missing from platforms: feasibility and practicality. Bruce admits that ASUA suffers from an image problem but he is eager to break it down by oozing charisma and accessibility. His main mantra: “”It’s our responsibility to go out to them.”” Bruce is “”student-indulgent”” (as opposed to self-indulgent) and wants to prove us wrong when we scoff at ASUA’s claims that it is the “”voice of the students.”” Heck, he even had a sunburn from his efforts campaigning out on the UA Mall.

    Not only is Bruce grounded (with high aspirations of course), he is also knowledgeable about all things UA. From tuition, to book prices, to child-care and even conserving UA’s energy, Bruce is truly has his finger on the pulse of what matters most to students. Remarkably, he hardly missed a beat during his interview, which lasted even longer than our hour time limit (Brad Wulff’s interview ran out of steam after an unimpressive 35 minutes). Moreover, Bruce is so dedicated he’d like to be around to at least feel the momentum of his policies and to aid in the difficult transition for the next president.

    Many candidates spoke about a rather elusive “”passion”” they felt for ASUA, yet we still needed some convincing. Bruce, however, spoke of an enthusiastic passion but went one step further – he showed it to us.

    Administrative Vice President

    Amy Adamcin

    Sure, Amy Adamcin’s platform may include plenty of reasons why she would make a good administrative vice president.

    But what sets this candidate apart is the feasibility of her proffered “”Swiss Cheese Book”” program.

    Funny name, serious stuff.

    Adamcin, a pre-business sophomore, rightly acknowledges the challenges inherent in trying to lobby the university for an increased ASUA budget, so her plan to create an in-house grant proposal template is desirable, compelling and viable. This template will serve as a generic outline for grant proposals, providing leaders within ASUA Programs and Services with a simple, efficient way to access funding from local and national philanthropic donors.

    In the future, program directors should be able to simply modify one of the existing grant templates in order to ensure that it tailors to the appropriate source. And as an experienced grant writer, students can rest assured that Adamcin can walk the walk necessary to craft her Swiss Cheese program in a way that will ensure that the budget for ASUA’s Programs and Services isn’t stretched so thin.

    Additionally, her engaging personality will ensure that her ability to secure funds for ASUA extends beyond grant writing. Adamcin is confident, well spoken, and seems comfortable speaking to anyone – all traits that make her ideal to personally lobby community leaders and national donors on behalf of the students.

    The UA can trust Adamcin to lobby professionally and successfully to ensure a better endowed Programs and Services, providing more money for clubs and other student organizations.

    Executive Vice President

    Michael Slugocki

    Ask political science junior Michael Slugocki what he wants to improve within ASUA, and you’re bound to get an earful.

    That might not be especially surprising (ASUA officials tend to be verbose), but consider this: Slugocki’s never really served in ASUA.

    Save for a few months as an aide to ASUA Sen. Steven Gerner, Slugocki comes to this election as a veritable outsider. He’s never held elected office, and he doesn’t have the long list of ASUA activities his opponent, Jessica Anderson, boasts on her resume.

    Then again, Slugocki’s relative greenness is his most valuable attribute. He might not have the institutional knowledge that Anderson can muster, but his ignorance of the status quo frees him from the kind of bureaucratic inertia that typically arrests innovation from ASUA insiders.

    In stark contrast to the majority of this year’s candidates, Slugocki has the kind of vision that looks far beyond the next one, two or even three years. Indeed, he rightfully makes the connection between increased campus involvement and improved retention rates, and his plans to overhaul the club funding process are formed accordingly.

    Affable, animated and zealous, Slugocki is the kind of candidate on whom you’re willing to take a risk. With plans that are extensive but well researched, and enthusiasm that is boundless but focused, Slugocki may just be the shot in the arm that ASUA needs for a successful year.

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