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Mailbag: Oct 26.

Columnist ignores the real problem of abortion

There were too many facets of Rachel Leavitt’s article for me to touch on in just one response, so I’ll start with her stance on abortion (“”Oklahoma: Abortions are none of your business,”” Oct. 22, 2009). Her ignorance on the issue was vividly displayed in her article opposing the Oklahoma legislation requiring pregnant females desiring abortions to report their “”personal”” information.

The biggest defect in her way of thinking is that she doesn’t even mention the welfare of the human being living in the mother’s womb, although I do give her the credit of at least mentioning the “”emotional strain that accompanies the decision to abort a fetus.”” Not only are you killing a human being by performing an abortion, but a lifetime of emotional distress haunts the potential mothers (in a majority of cases).

Just in case you start to think, “”Yeah, but what about rape victims and mothers of children with birth defects?”” First of all, each of those cases happens in less than 1 percent of all women undergoing abortions. Second of all, there is another way. There will always be couples out there looking for the “”unwanted child.””

The most common excuses that women give for having an abortion actually have to do with “”not being ready”” or being “”immature,”” which is why 75 percent of all abortions are performed on women between the ages of 15 and 29. It appears the tendency in our time is to evade obligation for our actions.

The real problem here lies with people that believe it is OK to kill the fetus to get out of the responsibility of parenthood. The hope for us that value the life of the unborn child is that the mother realizes through ultrasound (and an unbiased and informative meeting with a physician) that the child that she created is living inside her, dependent on her next choice.


Kiel Spencer

physiology senior


Wildcat should write about UAPD’s legitimacy

There are photos circulating of a boy who ran a stop sign on his bicycle, then was tackled and held down by two UAPD cops while being handcuffed. I can procure these photos if anyone is interested.

With the chalk arrests not far behind us, perhaps an article about UAPD’s legitimacy (or lack thereof) is necessary? I recall that they recently motioned to be equipped with assault rifles. They should know that their behavior is intolerable, and that the student body is uneasy.


Thomas Shea

biochemistry and molecular biophysics junior

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