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    Sex ed-iquette

    The only reason for a one night stand is strictly for the sex,”” said Jenna, an undeclared junior. And who would disagree with her?

    There are many questions attached to the one-time boot-knockin’ — how does it happen? what should you do post-coitus? does oral count? — but the stand’s purpose is not one of them.

    “”It’s sex with a person one night who you don’t want to continue having sex with,”” confirmed Chris, a business sophomore.

    Wildlife surveyed ten students — five male and five female — about their one night stand experiences. The results may be sobering.


    It seems to be a trend that both parties involved in the one-night stand were intoxicated. “”One night stands, 98 percent of the time, happen after some alcohol is involved,”” said Eric, a business junior.

    The ladies agreed. “”Very few people will go into a one night stand sober,”” said Lauren, a sociology junior.


    After the sex, what do you do? Cuddle? Shower? Are you supposed to sleep over? Matt, an engineering sophomore, said that “”it depends on how drunk you are,”” but that usually it’s best to go to sleep and leave early the next morning. However, it’s not just bang-and-run for everybody. The practice of snuggling is more common than you might expect.””

    Chris said that he would “”snuggle if she was THAT good.””

    “”I personally like to cuddle,”” Eric said. “”Doing so doesn’t have any connection for me to whether I like a person or not.””

    But romance isn’t a priority for everyone. “”I wouldn’t stay and hang out all night or anything,”” Lauren said. “”Once the sex is over, it’s best to head home.”” Jenna added that she usually borrows some clothes and sleeps over, but then bails as soon as possible. “”Usually, I’m still wearing his clothes when I head home in the morning,”” Jenna laughed.

    There is one exception to Jenna’s rule, though. “”If the sex was good, we’ll wake up and have sex again in the morning,”” Jenna said.

    Amy, a creative writing sophomore, had a similar agenda: “”I usually wake up three to five times during the night, and have sex with him again,”” Amy said.

    Nonetheless, when it’s all over, “”I have no idea what to say,”” said Chris. He added that the only way to avoid complete awkwardness is to just “”leave right when you wake up.”” But as Eric suggested, “”the walk of shame sucks no matter who you are. So I take them home in the morning and do my best to make good conversation.””

    Either way, the one-night stand experience “”should be a lot of fun,”” Lauren said. “”Most people … will have a one night stand at some point in their life.””

    — Some names were changed to accommodate students who wished to remain anonymous.

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