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Police Beat: December 6

Phone a friend

On Nov. 26 around 11:30 p.m., a UA student flagged down an officer from the University of Arizona Police Department, after her cellphone was stolen by two men driving a car.

The student told the officer that she was walking near the corner of Sixth Street and Park Avenue with her boyfriend when a beat up silver car with two men inside approached them.

The passenger of the car asked the student if they could borrow her phone, explaining they were looking for a friend’s house and needed directions, but didn’t have a phone.

They asked the student to dial the number for them. She did and when she heard it ringing, handed it to the passenger. At that point, the driver, who the student described as having “scruffy” facial hair, floored the accelerator.

The car drove south on Park Avenue before turning east onto Eighth Street. The student’s boyfriend tried to chase the car on foot for about a block before giving up.

The two men were not apprehended.

Musical showers

A UA student was issued a code of conduct violation on Nov. 25 at 11:39 p.m. for not complying with Residence Life after playing loud music in her dorm room and refusing to turn it down.

Two UAPD officers responded to Coronado Residence Hall, where the RA told them she had noticed the music while conducting rounds.

The RA tried to knock several times with no response, she said, adding that along with the raucous music, she could hear a shower running inside.

As the RA stood in the hall, she heard someone knocking on the wall where the bathroom is. After the RA knocked back, she heard a woman’s voice.

The RA identified herself and asked the student to turn down the music, to which the student replied, “I’m not turning it down. I love this song.”

When the officers arrived, they knocked several times but no one opened the door. The officers asked the RA to get the master key.

After the RA left to get the key, the music was turned off. However, when the officers knocked and yelled again, the music turned back on.

The RA brought the key and the officers opened the door but the room was empty.

The bathroom door, however, was closed so the officers knocked and asked if anyone was inside. A woman said that she was in a towel and the officer told her to come out. She and a man were both clad in towels.

The two got dressed and met with the officers in the hallway. The officers asked why they didn’t answer the door and the two said they thought the knocking was coming from friends pretending to be the RA and the police.

The woman, the resident of the room, was given a code of conduct violation.

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