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Mailbag: Feb. 18

Back off, Brother Jed’s ‘Entourage’

For the past couple days I have watched and listened to Brother Jed and Sister Cindy preaching by the UA Mall. It was interesting/appalling/shocking to hear their words, but what surprised me the most was the behavior of the “”Skeptics Club”” members. When the members didn’t agree with Sister Cindy, they would get in her face by yelling, interrupting her, calling her names or demanding answers (usually with harsh tones and anger). These antics perpetuated by the Skeptics Club give a bad name to all UA students. Being college-educated — or on the way there, at least — we should realize that resorting to childish arguing and angry rants only make us look ignorant and barbaric. I, for one, hope that my degree from UA will not be tarnished by peers like these. With freedom of speech, the Skeptics Club is more than welcome to act as foolishly as they have been. It would be more appropriate, however, to act civilized — even if it means their opponents continue to act “”stupidly.”” Perhaps the Skeptics Club should join Brother Jed on his journey north to the school in Tempe, where logic and reason don’t seem to be a requirement for admission.

Alex Yang

Aerospace engineering junior

Israel a difficult issue

We are writing about the articles in Monday’s paper about the university’s contracts with Motorola and the concerns over the company’s ties with Israel. We find it ridiculous and quite alarming that the Arizona Daily Wildcat writers and the various self-described social justice groups on campus have placed so much attention on Israel’s alleged human rights violations. These people would make it seem that Israel is the worst human rights violator on the planet. Let’s not forget that Israel has one of the best records on political rights and civil liberties in the world. Israel grants civil liberties, much like those in the Bill of Rights, to all citizens regardless of their religion, race, or gender. In fact, 20 percent of Israel’s citizens that are granted all of these rights are Arab. It is true that the conditions are deplorable in the Palestinian territories, but the Palestinian leadership deserves at least as much blame for the problems there as Israel does. Israel is also in a very difficult predicament, because its existence is constantly being threatened. However, the social justice groups choose to ignore the complexities of the situation and waste their resources launching empty attacks against an electronics company instead of spreading awareness about the many more clear-cut cases of ongoing human rights violations around the world.  

Josh Hope

Masters candidate in public administration

Alex Lovinger

Biology senior

Sarcasm or something like it

Although many are using Monday’s paper as another opportunity to criticize the media for being biased against Israel, I would like to commend the Daily Wildcat for printing both the UA Community for Human Rights’ propaganda piece by Gabriel Schivone and the press release by Jennifer Koehmstedt. I could extol the virtues of this anti-Israel double whammy for hours, but there are a handful of especially extraordinary aspects I wish to address.

First, it is high time that the Daily Wildcat has gotten around to addressing Israel’s alleged human rights violations. It’s about time we stopped talking about murderous dictatorships and started focusing on the real culprit — Israel.

Second, I am glad that “”UA administrators are resisting a recommendation of UA students,”” indicating that this recommendation is representative of the entire student body. This is definitely news to me, and I’m thrilled to have been informed so promptly.  

Third, it’s also laudable that Motorola has been smeared for helping to produce unmanned aerial vehicles, which are used for the brutal purpose of saving pilots’ lives.

Fourth, I wholeheartedly agree that the UA should adhere to its policy on corporate relations. The university can begin to cut business ties with institution with products that “”are known to cause harm to humans”” by kicking Burger King out of the Student Union Memorial Center. Another deadly institution is the United States, so the UA should secede.

Mr. Schivone and the University Community for Human Rights can lead the rebellion, since they are clearly the sages when it comes to military issues.

Most importantly, however, is the main point: we must make a stand against “”degradation of the human spirit”” caused by the Israeli occupation of land Jordan and Egypt no longer claim. A boycott of Motorola is an obvious first step, but to truly cut ties with Israel we must stop using cell phones and laptops entirely. Furthermore, we should take the bold step of blazing through as much petroleum as possible. This will raise the price of oil, both enriching Israel’s enemies and indirectly arming Palestinian social justice warriors who would never, ever kill civilians (at least not by accident). Only then can we “”better the human condition”” by attempting to impoverish both Jews and Arabs who have relied on the Zionist economy for a century. That’ll move the chains!


Daniel Greenberg

Near Eastern studies senior

Motives behind article questionable

I am appalled to see that the article Jennifer Koehmstedt wrote was published. I believe that this not only shows her incompetence, but this is also a lack of judgement on the part of the Daily Wildcat. This article is not only biased — and it is not even in the opinion section, but the information provided has no backing. I see no evidence in this article that shows any type of strong reporting/writing. I am surprised that with such a large pro-Israeli contingent at the UA, such an article was even allowed the chance to be looked at. It is safe to say that nothing good has come from this article except misuse facts in order for self-gratification. This is a matter that must be taken seriously. If the Wildcat wants to be respected nationwide, then for your sake, I hope you do something about this incident.

Mark Mason

Psychology junior

The (free) paper loses a paying customer

I am absolutely sick and tired of the disgusting anti-Israel bias the Daily Wildcat is showing. I have yet to see one article presenting an alternate viewpoint to your ‘Israel is at fault for every evil in the world’ slant and quite frankly, I’m disgusted by it. I am neither Israeli nor Jewish. I am an American Roman Catholic Zionist and I will forever stand with my Jewish brethren in defending the Israeli state’s right to exist. The facts of the matter are this: Israel is the only stable democracy in the Middle East. They are opposed by a people who elected Hamas as their governing political party. The Israelis are fighting against an organization made up of psychotic genocidal madmen. They must do everything in their power to protect their country and if that involves stepping on the toes of a few bleeding-heart leftists in the West who hate Jews but will never admit it, like some members of your editorial staff who shall remain unnamed lest I find myself served with a defamation lawsuit, then it has to be done. You should consider yourselves lucky that the Daily Wildcat is a free paper, because if it wasn’t, you would have lost me as a paying customer.

Kevin Wos

Political science junior

Opinions belong in the opinions section

The human rights violations story on the front page Monday seemed to be an opportunity to promote anti-Semitism as opposed to discuss UA’s contract with Motorola. From a journalistic standpoint, it is not objective and raises many ethical questions. The article said, “”Students say the company is complicit in human rights violations because of contracts they have with the Israeli government, which is militarily occupying Palestinian lands.”” These students do not have the authority to make such a statement, claiming that Israelis are occupying Palestinian land when, on the contrary, many people believe that the Palestinians are occupying Israeli land. The story on the contract originates from a student group that apparently has no reputation or sanction from the Associated Students Union of Arizona clubs and is unable to be found anywhere on the Arizona Web site. The wisest person mentioned in the article was the University of Arizona Police Department commander, Robert Sommerfeld, who refused an interview with the Wildcat on this matter. The story reeked of bias. The Wildcat news editor should be more observant while looking over reporters content before letting material run. The context gives incorrect background and makes it seem like Israelis are harmful when their lives are the ones being endangered. As a former Wildcat reporter, I get upset when I hear my peers label the newspaper as a non-objective, anti-semitic paper. I hope that the management with step up its game in the future and think twice before running an article in the condition that this one was in.

Yael Schusterman

Journalism junior

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