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    You said it. We listened. See the response from managing editor and readers’ representative Bethany Barnes.

    In response to Wildcat Weekend (Sept. 7):
    My name is Jamee Lind and on almost every other day I enjoy and even look forward to reading the Daily Wildcat, but today was not that kind of day.

    I knew I was in for a bad read when I looked at the dull cover picture of a cuffed beer mug, but I continued to read it anyways. I was further turned off by the “Getting Trashed on the Cheap” and almost threw the paper in the trash when I saw the “Post-Game Sex Follies,” but I gave the Wildcat Weekend a chance to redeem itself by heading to the sports section.

    The article about Austin Hill and the game lineup and predictions for Oklahoma were awesome and the Lifestyle and Outdoor sections were right up there with it in terms of good newspaper reads, but I am extremely perplexed as to why the cover of our school newspaper is so disfunctionally portrayed.
    — Jamee Lind, pre-journalism undergraduate

    I write this letter because I care about you! You are nice people. I see you every day taking the time on your way to class to hold a door open for an older person, offering a smile and a friendly hello — kind and courteous. And I write in response to Friday’s issue of this paper and recent advertisements.
    I beg you, dear students, do not let this paper or its advertisers lure you from your studies or influence you to go out drinking or to have casual sexual relationships. Drinking is not the road to success, and sexual relationships are not sports or party games. Sex is how we reproduce ourselves and create new life! It is serious business that requires a commitment from both parties to love and support one another. It requires that people be responsible for the new lives that the relationship produces.
    Please, please, please do not go out drinking and wake up in the morning with a hangover or depression. Instead, take a run a walk in the park of our beautiful campus, see an exhibit, workout in the Rec. Center or swim laps in the big, refreshing pool. Watch a good movie, have a nice wholesome meal and a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and desert, and wake up in the morning with a clear mind, ready to focus on your studies and without regret.
    — Barbara K. Vaughn,
    UA alumna

    Yes, sex sells, but is the TDW so limited in its journalist thinking that this is the best you could come up with in order to attract readers?
    — Kathryn Ortiz

    Real classy stuff there. Definitely hard-hitting journalism.
    — Kevin Wos

    Seriously? You call this responsible journalism? When date rape and underage drinking are campus wide problem across the US, you promote what are essentially recipes for binge-drinking? I guess Pulitzers aren’t really part of your future game plan. Instead, you choose to hammer more nails into the coffin of journalism. Way to go, Wildcat!
    — Frankie Gee

    Hey Frankie, it’s called um, “Personal Responsibility”. That basically means to “Drink Responsibly”. To put it in laments terms, it’s not the media who opens the cup for a college student and makes them drink it. Nor is it the media’s responsibility to babysit students by writing stone-cold boring articles. So you’re basically saying that this article “causes” binge drinking. I think that’s an absurd statement. The only thing that causes binge drinking are peer pressure and a desire to get shitfaced, not a College Newspaper. If you’re so adamant about this “huge problem”, I’m sure there are other people, companies and organizations you can hassle and bitch at that would take much greater effect. This is not “responsible or irresponsible writing”. Irresponsible writing would be to write boring ass articles that no one cares about, which effectively would waste a portion of a student’s tuition only to create “PG 13” articles. Boring and a waste of time, money and resources. Besides, what’s to stop a blog with similar credentials from writing a similar article? These days an online newspaper and a blog are one and the same. With that being said, go bitch at Keystone Light who pumps out more volume of cheap booze and causes way more binge drinking than The Daily Wildcat ever could. And at the end of the day, you’re still not going to stop people from making boneheaded decisions. So, please leave this poor student alone who’s just trying to do their job! Get the stick out of your ass and stop trying to be so politically correct. I heard there’s some kind of election coming up where it’s more appropriate to heckle at someone than at some hard-working college student. Cheers and Rock on ya’ll!
    — Kevin Akat

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