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Police Beat 8/20/2018: Horseplay

Alex McIntyre
A University of Arizona Police Department officer makes a call while standing by near the Koffler building on the UA campus.

Saddle Up!

An unknown burglar made off with several horse saddles from Campbell Farms West, a part of the University of Arizona Campus Agricultural Center, on August 7. 

A university police officer arrived at the scene at approximately 7:47 a.m. on August 8.  

An employee at the farms said she discovered two of the supply rooms near the main office had been broken into overnight and several items were missing.

Inspecting the first supply closet, the officer noted that the door had been forced open. Sections of the door frame were cracked and the padlock latch was broken.

The second supply closet contained various saddles and bridles. According to the employee, three Western-style saddles and five English-style saddles were missing from the room.

The Western saddles are valued at $500 each, the English saddles $100 each. 

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One of the doors to the horse pen was open the morning the employee discovered the theft, suggesting that the burglar may have exited through the pen. The horse inside the pen appeared unaffected. 

The officer discovered a section of fencing along the west side of the property with its barbed wire cut. Nearby footprints, seeming to have come from a pair of construction boots, descended from the fence into the wash below.

Due to the dust in the supply closets and the previous activity of the employees searching the scene the officer was unable to find anything of evidentiary value.

Bad Apple

A late-night assault involving two resident assistants brought University of Arizona Police Department officers to Manzanita-Mohave Residence Hall on August 9.

Upon their arrival, the officers spoke with a community director who told them that the incident involved a Manzanita-Mohave RA pushing an Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall RA.

The officers first spoke with the Manzanita RA. According to him, the two RAs were in his room when she began to give him relationship advice, but he was not in the mood for a “lecture” that night. 

After about half an hour, he claims, she went to leave and grabbed a picture of him and his girlfriend on the way out. He grabbed the picture back and pushed her on the shoulder as she walked out.

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After giving him information about UA Counseling and Psychological Services, the officers left to hear the Apache-Santa Cruz RA’s side of the story.

According to her report, which was similar, he would have to move back to Colorado if he did not secure the RA position. She claimed he also believed his long distance girlfriend was being unfaithful.

The Apache-Santa Cruz RA says she took the picture because she believed it would help him get over his girlfriend. 

In her recall of the events, she reported that he pushed her twice, both times while she was facing him. 

She told the officers that she was uninjured and not fearful for her safety. She had no desire to press charges and was only concerned for his welfare.

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