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    Sex Toy Parties

    Hallie Bolonkin/ Arizona Daily Wildcat  

Sex toy party
    Hallie Bolonkin/ Arizona Daily Wildcat Sex toy party

    Remember back in the day when Mom went to her  friend’s house on a Saturday night and came home with armfuls of Tupperware? It’s kind of like that, except more … stimulating.

    Cast aside the Tupperware and embrace the lotions and potions and toys that go bump in the night. We are talking about sex toy parties — or surprise parties, romance parties, brown bag parties, slumber parties, home novelty parties, pleasure parties. Tupperware parties with a different kind of hardware.

    Sex toy parties are gatherings held at a host’s home where a consultant brings over all the bells and whistles of intimacy in order to educate women about the products and offer the opportunity for them to purchase a few and try them out at home. It’s not a new thing — many have been around for at least 10 years, and Surprise Parties, founded by Sue Rhea from Lebanon, Tenn., has been around since 1988.

    “”The conversation of sex has been a taboo in some minds, but that’s where Surprise Parties has made it OK to talk about,”” said authorized trainer Ashley Rice. “”Surprise Parties has given women a comfortable place to talk about sex and purchase products to bring home to the bedroom.””

    The company caters to women 18 and older, single, married and otherwise, their largest clientele base ranges from the ages of 25 and 45.

    “”We really have something for everyone,”” said Rice.

    Women need not worry about choosing the Aquasaki over the Frisky Fireman — that is where Rice steps in, armed with professional knowledge.

    “”Each lady is uniquely designed and is different from someone else,”” she said. “”I ask them a series of questions about what they currently enjoy, how they orgasm, if they’ve ever had intimate products in the bedroom with their partner before and if she’s ever talked with her partner about bringing intimate products into the bedroom. Questions like these provide me with information that will help me give her choices that she would most likely be interested in.””

    But sex toy parties are more than just a good time. According to Rice, “”Surprise Parties’ tag line is ‘Celebration of Romance’ … (intimate products) open the lines of communication in a relationship. For relationships that have stood the test of time, sometimes the flame of desire goes a little weak. Adding new intimate products can rekindle that flame, bringing the couple closer as they re-explore intimacy together.””

    Though no one could be reached on the UA’s campus to share their experiences with these feisty femme fiestas, students at Northern Illinois University embraced the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with the UA’s student body.

    “”I think the best part about Surprise Parties is how it gives women a really fun environment to learn about something that a lot of us are nervous to find out about on our own,”” said marketing junior Rachael Fox. “”It totally empowers us! Why shouldn’t we buy those kinds of things?””

    Fox and her roommates hosted a sex toy party at their apartment this past Friday evening. “”I’ve been to two parties (before) and had so much fun,”” Fox said. “”It’s a really fantastic atmosphere, a great girl’s night and a ton of laughs. Plus it’s a fun shopping experience.””

    The hostesses had 20 to 25 of their friends show up for the festivities. Combined, the guests ended up spending a grand total of $650 — not including what Fox and her roommates purchased.

    “”Everybody had so much fun!”” said Fox. “”Jen, our girl from Surprise Parties, was hilarious! She presented everything in a really fun way that kept everyone from feeling uncomfortable. A lot of the girls were new to buying these kinds of things, but I’ll be honest, those same girls were the ones who ended up spending the most money!””

    Business administration senior Tiffany Krawisz was in attendance. Initially, she went only for a girl’s night in, but by the end of the night, she wanted to host a party herself. “”My favorite part was my purchase,”” said Krawisz, but she added that learning about the different capabilities of each product was not half bad either.

    “”Girl’s nights are generally the same type of thing — either a night in watching movies or a night out at the bars,”” Fox said. “”With (sex toy parties) we can switch things up a bit, which I think everyone can appreciate.””

    Whether you are looking to explore your significant other, broaden your knowledge of yourself or are just plain tired of Tupperware, sex toy parties will turn you on.  


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