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    Police Beat: March 26

    Payday at the vending machines

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer arrived at the vending machines at 1117 E. Lowell St. Monday at 2:18 a.m. after a UA employee reported vandalism done to the machines.

    The employee said he noticed that two of the machines had been damaged and that a cashbox for one of the machines was in a nearby trashcan.

    The man told the officer that the vandalism had to have happened within 24 hours because he had cleaned the ramada the previous morning.

    On both machines, the locks had been pried off and drilled. The door to one of the machines was open and missing the cashbox. There did not appear to be any snacks missing.

    The officer took photos of the damage and placed them into property as evidence. There were no fingerprints on the empty cashbox.

    Tomdra Inc., the owner of the vending machines, was called and told where it could retrieve its property.

    The unsecured snacks were taken to Student Union Operations for safekeeping.

    There are no suspects or witnesses.


    ‘Cutting’ through campus

    A UAPD officer arrived at a vending machine ramada at 1117 E. Lowell St. Monday at 3:22 a.m. after a Student Union Operations employee reported suspicious men in the area.

    The worker told the officer that, while he was cleaning the vending machine area from a previous theft, he saw two men who looked like transients enter the ramada. He asked if they were students. The men said they were.

    The man said that one of the men had a knife scabbard on his right hip.

    The officer found the men on Fremont Avenue and Sixth Street. The men told the officer they were coming from Speedway Boulevard and just cutting through campus.

    Both men allowed the officer to search them. An eight-inch blade knife with an exposed hilt was found in one of the men’s backpack. Also, a Visa credit card belonging to neither of the men was found.

    The man with the knife said he did not want to alarm anyone with the knife, so he keeps it in his backpack. He also said he found the credit card in an alley between Speedway Boulevard and Rosemont Avenue.

    A check of the credit card showed the card as stolen.

    The man was warned that, if he were to bring a knife onto campus again, then he would be arrested.

    The credit card was placed into safekeeping.

    Tasty news: Student makes a theft sandwich

    A supervisor at the Student Union Memorial Center called UAPD on Monday at 12:08 p.m. to report a student stealing food.

    The supervisor told the officer the man tried to conceal extra food worth $2.75 in his sandwich.

    The woman said she has known the man to switch his food order forms to pay less for his food. She stated she would like to participate in prosecuting the man for shoplifting.

    After the man was read his Miranda Rights, he admitted to the officer that he did switch his forms so that he wouldn’t have to pay more for the food. He also said he was worried about spending too much money.

    The man was cited and released. A Code of Conduct referral was sent to the Dean of Students.

    Oh no! Out of what will we drink?

    A UA student and member of the Sigma Kappa sorority called UAPD on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. to report that a package had been stolen.

    The woman told an officer that her roommate called to tell her that a package that the sorority had ordered on March 19 had been delivered.

    The Sigma Kappa members looked around the outside of the sorority house around 1 p.m. and could not find the package and assumed it had been stolen.

    The woman told the officer that the package was small and weighed about five pounds. She added that the package contained 36 personalized shot glasses.

    There are no witnesses or suspects to the theft.


    A UAPD officer was on bike patrol on Tuesday at 12:54 a.m. when he saw a man near Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall and Coronado Residence Hall, staggering as he walked on the north side of Arizona-Sonora.

    The officer stopped the man and asked for identification.

    The man said, “”I think my ID is in my room.””

    When the officer asked where the man lived, he pointed to Arizona-Sonora and said, “”I live in Coronado.””

    The officer could smell alcohol on the man. The man told the officer he had been at a friend’s 21st birthday party and had a few beers a friend gave him. He said to the officer, “”Please give me a break, I already got an MIP.””

    As the officer talked with the man, he kept dropping his wallet, and it took several times to get his name right because he was slurring his words.

    The man said he “”wasn’t even drinking on campus.”” When the man was cited and released for minor in possession, he stated, “”I guess I will get some community service.””

    After the officer arrested the man, he escorted him to Coronado.

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