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    Mixing business and pleasure: a guy’s guide to giving oral

    It’s springtime, boys and girls. For some, that means planting flowers, airing the house out and dressing in pastels. For others, it’s a season of fertility, reproduction and seriously naughty sex. While we as men are often focused of the holy grail that is the blowjob, more than a few of us leave the fairer sex in the dust.

    We often get the better of the stick, as giving blowies has got to be far from fun and games. Think about what our girls have to go through. Would you want to breathe through your nose for a lengthy period of time while your jaw goes numb? No. It’s time for some reciprocation. If you don’t like going down on her, tough cookies — it’s about time you learned what’s where, what works, and what she likes.

    Easy as ABC

    You don’t need the tongue dexterity of Gene Simmons to shine in the sack, guys. One of the most effective tricks of the trade is as simple as writing the ABCs with the tip of your tongue. As initially awkward as it may be, it’s highly effective when done right. Remember to variate the amount of pressure you use as the situation gets hotter. If she’s more into it, put those mandible muscles to work and apply more pressure. Your alternating motions and the range in pressure will drive her nuts. If you get to the end of the alphabet, start in with numbers or phrases. A little creativity can go a long way.

    The tease of the trade

    Sometimes, the best approach to oral is the path least taken. Instead of going at it ravenously, teasing can just be as hot. Ever had a girl really take her time on you? Then you know that the wait is more than worth it. Reciprocate this method by focusing on splitting your time between attention on her clitoris and the area around it. Soft kisses, gentle nibbles and lighting up erogenous zones on the insides of her legs will have her begging for you to deliver the final blow. Finish her!

    Use your head… and your hands

    Go above and beyond the call of duty, men. While some of us like to mix it up with our hands, keep in mind that the g-spot shouldn’t be your sole point of interest. Erogenous zones are all over the body and differ from person to person, but the more skin contact you have, the more electric she’s going to feel. Ask her about her most sensitive spots prior to the big event, and remember those during foreplay. Combining both oral attention and erogenous focus show that not only can you listen, but you sure as hell can deliver.

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