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    Top 10 trends

    It only takes a few minutes of walking around campus to come to the conclusion that the UA is one trendy place. However, with everything that has faded in and out this year, there are only 10 trends that make the top-10 list.

    1. The return of childhood attire.
    The clothing we wore as youngsters consisted of things that could endure playtime on the jungle gym and kept the hair out of our faces. Leggings and headbands were two of the most popular items. Although college students do not need to wear things that will hold up against an intense game of tag, both leggings and headbands have made their way back onto the scene.

    2. Facebook photo albums.
    The craze of Facebook began last year as a way to connect with friends and classmates. This year the social network Web site has expanded to include various mechanisms of stalking others, including being able to put your own personal photo albums on your profile and “”tag”” all your friends. Wondering what your friends did last weekend? Their Facebook albums might be the first place to check.

    3. A more fashionable man.
    Maybe it is from the influence of shows like “”Entourage”” or the fact that Heidi Klum was the host for “”Project Runway”” but college males on this campus seem to be on the up and up in regard to fashion. More and more guys are sporting high-end designer jeans such as Seven and Diesel, and some are even throwing a sport coat on over their T-shirts to go out at night. Keep it up guys.

    4. iPod devices
    Students no longer have to tune out the rest of the world listening to their iPods with their earphones on. (Although that is often a great thing to do.) Now, with thanks to various adaptations made by Apple and other vendors, you can share music on your iPod with others by playing it through speakers in the car or at home. Rock on, Arizona.

    5. Vintage, but not, T-shirts
    The task of searching through thrift stores for hours on end to find that perfect T-shirt that costs a mere $3 has been made much simpler thanks to trendy stores such as Urban Outfitters. Now students can and are sporting “”vintage-inspired”” T-shirts that almost look like the real deal. Too bad they are also 10 times the price.

    6. Stripes red, white and blue: the nautical look
    Recently, the look of a sailor has made its way into the UA woman’s wardrobe. Clean and streamlined stripes appear on shirts and tanks, and the anchor is a popular jewelry emblem. Sail away.

    7. Razors
    While the flip phone is becoming increasingly more popular, it is also becoming much sleeker. Motorola has come out with one of the thinnest of models, the Razor. Whether because it will not bulk up the pocket or because it fits into smaller evening purses, UA students have taken a liking to this compact cell phone. Plus, Paris Hilton owns a hot pink one. Now that’s hot. (Sorry, it had to be said).

    8. Wavy hair
    In the past, women were fashioning stick-straight ironed hair and men were loading the hair gel on to their crew cuts. Everyone must have had enough with the product build-up and the appliance damage, because many have let their hair go au naturale. More and more women are incorporating loose waves to their new dos, and men are getting a little scruffier with longer, product-less tresses. Very surfer-esque.

    9. Pulling up the pants
    Thank goodness for this one. As sagging has been long forgotten and the ultra low-rise jean for women has become slightly vulgar, both women’s and men’s undergarments are no longer peeking out of their denims. So thank you, Arizona, for leaving something to the imagination.

    10. The Arizona Daily Wildcat
    Whether it is because it is a great way to pass the time in class or the stories are actually of interest to students, the campus newspaper is a popular item seen toted around. Due to political turmoil and athletic scandal, this year in particular gave rise the question, “”Hey did you read the Wildcat today?”” coming out of many students’ mouths.

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