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    Police Beat

    Three-time trespasser cited

    A man was cited and released for criminal trespassing on April 1 at 8:54 a.m. at Bear Down Gymnasium.

    Police made contact with a man who called them regarding a theft. The man said he was in the gym taking a shower when someone stole his North Carolina Tarheel baseball cap, tan jacket and wallet.

    Police saw that the University of Arizona Police Department had spoken to the man on March 3 in reference to his constant use of the library as a place to sleep. The officers asked the man about what UAPD had told them. The man said he was told not to be on any university property. Police asked the man, if he knew he was not allowed on campus, why was he in Bear Down Gym. The man said that once a week he donates plasma, but he likes to shower in the gym before going to the plasma center. He told the officers that he comes to the university to use the computers and shower from time to time.

    The man was issued an exclusionary order preventing him from being on any UA owned, rented or controlled property because he had been warned about trespassing on March 3. He was also cited for second degree criminal trespassing. He was released on scene.

    The same man was cited and released for third degree criminal trespassing on April 2.

    While on bike patrol outside the library, an officer noticed a man standing near the main entrance. The officer recognized the man from his contact with him the day before.

    As the officer approached the man, the man began to quickly walk away from the library and attempted to hide behind a cement pillar.

    The officer yelled at the man to come out from behind the pillar because he knew who he was. The man came out and sat on the grass. The officer told the man he remembered him from the day before. The man said he remembered being told he was not allowed to be on university property or he would be arrested. The man told the officer that he was back on campus because he wanted to talk with a friend and he knew his friend was somewhere in the library, but the man said he did not enter the library, he was just standing outside.

    The man was given another exclusionary order. He was also cited and released for third-degree criminal trespassing.

    Funnel cake fans flames of fight at Fling

    Police responded to a fight at Spring Fling on April 3 at 11:30 p.m.

    While on bike patrol, police saw what appeared to be a fight going on near one of the rides. They approached the scene and saw a woman dragging a man away from the crowd. She was telling him to, “”Let it go. We need to leave now!”” The man appeared agitated and was yelling at other people in the crowd. An officer grabbed the man’s arm and identified himself as a police officer. The man was told to sit on the ground.

    The man told police that he had been in line for a funnel cake earlier when another man pushed him. He pushed the other man back and asked him what his problem was. There was an exchange of words and then the men stopped talking. The other man had a woman with him.

    A few minutes later, the man saw the second man in a different part of Spring Fling. A second argument took place between the men and they started pushing each other. One man then hit the man in the face, knocking him to the ground. As the first man was moving away, police stopped him.

    Police then made contact with the other man. He told them that while he was in line waiting for a funnel cake, a woman who was with the first man pushed his female friend and an argument started. Eventually they stopped arguing and went separate ways.

    About 30 minutes later, the second man saw the first man and the first woman. The first man walked up to them and started an argument.

    The second man believed the first man was going to assault his female friend, so he stood between them. A fight broke out. During the fight, the female friend was hit in the face, knocked down and possibly kicked by the woman with the first man. The first woman took the second woman’s cell phone and car keys, which fell to the ground during the fight, and left the area.

    The second woman had visual bruising on her face. She was worried that the other woman would have access to her car, so Spring Fling personnel were sent to watch her car while the woman waited for her parents to bring her a set of spare keys.

    The first man would only tell police that the woman he was with was his new step-sister of three weeks. He only gave them her first name. He was escorted off the premises.

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