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    Police Beat: Oct. 2

    Trip home a ‘rocky road’

    University of Arizona Police Department officers were dispatched to the south side of the Student Union Memorial Center on Sept. 25 at 2:34 a.m. for a welfare check. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a woman who appeared to be intoxicated. The woman identified herself using a California driver’s license which showed that she was underage. According to the woman, she had been drinking at the Alpha Epsilon Phi house, 1510 N. Vine St., and decided to leave the sorority and return to Coronado Residence Hall. The woman apparently had difficulty walking along the way and fell into a pile of rocks, injuring herself. The woman was cited on charges of minor in possession and transported to her dorm. The incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office.

    Intoxicated woman draws police to party

    UAPD officers responded to the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, 1801 E. First St., on Sept. 25 at 1:10 a.m. in reference to a report of an extremely intoxicated female. Upon arrival, officers saw several people entering and exiting the house. Officers observed a man walk towards them with a can of beer in his hand. The man saw police and turned around and walked back into the house. Officers could hear the man warning guests in the house that the police were outside. Moments later, the man came back outside and asked officers if there was a problem.

    Police told the man that they needed to speak with the fraternity president. Two more men came out of the house and informed police both the president and vice-president were out at a bar. Officers told the men their reason for responding and advised them they had 15 minutes to have every non-resident vacate the premises immediately. Fifteen minutes later, officers observed several taxi cabs pick up a large group of people from the house.

    Eh, she’s ‘fine’

    UAPD officers responded to the Tyndall Avenue Parking Garage on Sept. 25 at 3:53 a.m. in reference to a report of two men loitering around a vehicle. Upon arrival, officers proceeded to the second level where they observed two men carrying an unconscious female. Officers made contact with the men who identified themselves using Arizona driver’s licenses. Officers tried to wake the unconscious woman but were unsuccessful. They notified dispatch to request emergency medical services.

    According to one of the men, he had received a telephone call around 2 a.m. informing him that his friend was intoxicated and needed a ride home from an off-campus location. The man called a friend with a car and the pair went to pick up the woman. When they arrived at the location, the woman was semi-conscious. They helped her into the vehicle and drove back to the garage. They remained in the car with the woman for about an hour before they decided to move her. Officers asked why the men didn’t call the police and they stated that they thought the woman was “”fine.”” Tucson Fire Department personnel arrived and transported the woman to University Medical Center. After she was treated for extreme intoxication, she was cited on charges of minor in possession and released.

    Puzzling pink powder in parking lot

    A police aide found a small bag containing an unknown substance in the parking lot east of the Shantz building on Sept. 25 at 5:30 p.m. While walking through the lot, the aide noticed the bag on the ground and reported it to dispatch. Officers arrived on scene and transported the bag to the UAPD station. Police described the unknown substance as a pink powder. The substance has been placed into police property where it is awaiting destruction. Police have no information as to what the substance is or who owns it.

    Tenacious thief trashes stolen iPod

    UAPD officers responded to the Modern Languages building in reference to a reported larceny. Upon arrival, officers met with a woman who claimed her friend had possibly stolen her iPod. According to the woman, she had last seen her iPod in her friend’s room at the Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall on Sept. 1. On Sept. 24, she saw her friend listening to an iPod that looked like hers. She asked her friend to let her see the iPod but the friend refused. The woman found a copy of her receipt for the iPod and was able to obtain the serial number.

    The woman later saw her friend in the Cellar Bistro at the Student Union Memorial Center and again asked to see the iPod. The friend finally let her look at the iPod and she was able to confirm that the unit was hers by checking the serial number. The woman’s friend then grabbed the iPod and left restaurant. The woman followed her friend to the Modern Languages building where the friend went into a stall in the women’s bathroom and locked the door. The woman stayed there until her friend came out. The friend allowed the woman to search her backpack but the iPod was missing. Officers went into the stall that the friend had locked herself into and were able to recover the iPod. It had been wrapped in toilet paper and hidden in a trashcan.

    Officers confirmed that the serial number on the iPod was the same serial number on the woman’s receipt. The friend was cited on charges of theft of less than $1,000 and the incident has been referred to the Dean of Students Office.

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