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Back to Toole event

Amanda Mourelatos
The Basements perform onstage at 191 Toole during the Back to Toole concert.

Local rock groups joined together on Friday, Sept. 23, at 191 Toole in Tucson to put on a show for the local lovers. 

Bands Rosemonte, Kulululu, The Basements and Bummer Girl are all Arizona local bands  Rosemonte and Bummer Girl being from Phoenix and Kulululu and The Basements from Tucson.

Four-piece rock band Rosemonte kicked off the show around 8 p.m. They played a few of their songs such as “Throne in the Trees,” “Canyon,” “Warden,” “Theater Goer” and “The Grotesque Face.” 

Being a little of a heavy rock sound, the band had the crowd bobbing their heads engaging with the music despite being from Phoenix and the audience not being very familiar with them. 

After Rosemonte, the futuristic band Kulululu took the stage. 

The four members of Kulululu came out wearing mismatching outfits, masks and wigs of various colors and styles. The bassist and drummer had shiny, reflective masks, whereas the saxophonist and vocalist had masks similar to that in “Phantom of the Opera.” 

The members, especially the vocalist, were very engaging with the audience; the lead singer came off the stage and onto the ground floor a couple times during the performance to really grasp the audience’s attention. 

An aspect that made the audience feel included was how the band introduced their songs. For example, before playing “Corn Flakes,” the lead singer asked, “Who had Corn Flakes for breakfast today?” which was followed with a couple hand raises.

They played songs such as “Introduction,” “We Are Kulululu,” “Bench,” “Corn Flakes,” “Bee Ba Do Ba Dow,” “That Magic,” “Saucy Talk,” “Body” and “Bicycle Song.”

Indie rock band The Basements was next to perform.

The band played some covers as well as some of their original songs: “Better For You,” “Tucson,” “Big Boot (Bigger Boot),” “No Fly Zone” and “Don’t Know What To Say.” 

Having a larger following, the boys had a wide audience reaction during their performance. Many people were dancing and singing along around with friends and fellow audience members.

Their new song “Big Boot (Bigger Boot)” is a new, unreleased song that received a positive reaction and excited the crowd.

Brandon Pors, guitarist, loves both the 191 Toole crew and playing at the venue.

“The sound guy, John Zwick, is really awesome. We’re friends with the staff now, and we love the stage and energy. It’s my favorite place to play,” Pors said. 

Dylan Goode, bassist, followed up with his appreciation towards the promoter for the Rialto Theater and 191 Toole.

“Ben Anderson is a really big supporter, and he believes in us,” Goode said.

The final group performing was rock and roll band Bummer Girl.

They wrapped up the night with songs such as “Beggars,” “Johnny Says,” “Sally,” “Handjobs,” “Van,” “Custom Grow,” “P220” and “Sugar Cowboy.” 

The lead singer stood center stage wearing a white sun hat with a large red flower on top. 

The chemistry between the band members was very apparent when they hit the stage; all four were moving onstage in rhythm with each other and their music.

The audience reflected the band’s behavior in time with the songs as well.

John Capalbi came from Flagstaff to see Bummer Girl. About halfway through the show, he was enjoying all the performances.

“I came from Flagstaff, and I’ve been wanting to see Bummer Girl live. So far, the show is really good and the highlight was the band Kulululu,” Capalbi said. 

Overall, the event had a lot of attention and the artists had support from preexisting fans as well as gained new fans. 

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