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2015 ASUA Candidates

Elections for 2015-16 positions within the Associated Students of the University of Arizona begin with primary elections on Tuesday, and student campaigns are now underway.

Students are campaigning for positions of president, executive vice president, administrative vice president and senators, totaling about 25 candidates. Primary election voting is accessible through Wednesday at 8 p.m.

There are four students running for president, two for EVP, three for AVP and 16 candidates for senators.

After the primaries, two presidential candidates will remain and head to general elections, as well as two AVP candidates. The two EVP candidates and all of the ASUA Senate candidates will directly advance to generals, which take place on March 10 from 8 a.m. to March 11 at 8 p.m.

ASUA presidential duties include being responsible for the function of ASUA, according to the ASUA Elections webpage. The president also serves as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and designated spokesperson for UA students. 

The EVP oversees the senate. The EVP is also responsible for the 500+ clubs on campus and addresses student concerns and opinions within the clubs.

The AVP manages the 11 Programs and Services that ASUA offers on campus. The AVP also serves as the Administrative Chief of Staff and is responsible for releasing a monthly student involvement newsletter.

A total of 10 senators are elected to directly represent the student body and run on their own platforms that they work to carry out if elected. Senators also participate in various committees to ensure they are representing student opinions in every matter.

Students can vote directly online at


Andrew Falwell, chemical engineering junior

– Put students first by building a more sustainable and diversified UA and focusing on Tucson partnerships.

– Increase UA partnerships with the 186 businesses along the Tucson Streetcar route.

– Create a place for every student to call home.

Hannah Sager, marketing junior

– Current ASUA Presidential Chief of Staff. 


– Improve Campus Health Service system, affordable access, engage campus diversity, programs, services and ASUA services.

– Improve the Campus Health system to a routine more effective for students. 

– Eliminate “wait and see” approach regarding proposed budget cuts.

Manuel Felix, a junior studying political science and spanish:

– Currently works at the Dean of Students Office


– Strengthen the relationship between the Dean of Students Office and Greek Life by supporting the “Good Samaritan” law.

– Implement office hours where students can visit with him to discuss any concerns or comments.

Karlyn Bradley, a senior studying political science and communication

– Transferred to UA from Citrus College in California, where he was previously the student body president


– Increase accessibility, accountability and transparency.

– Wishes to increase collaborations between different UA entities, such as connecting philanthropic events within Greek Life to UA clubs and vice versa.

Executive Vice President

Evan Hastings, mechanical engineering junior

– Two-year veteran of the club resource center


– Increase funding opportunities for clubs by advocating for a larger budget.

– Increase ASUA and club communication assuring clubs of the resources ASUA offers them.

Richard Gallon, a junior studying communication and sociology


– Improve collaboration and see partnership between different groups at UA.

– Increase the scope of the senate to the student body by creating programs to make the senate more visible to students.

Administrative Vice President

Tatum Hammond, an English sophomore

– Currently the Administrative Chief of Staff


– Add another session to Bear Down Camp so that incoming students can be involved in multiple different organizations, such as Greek Life and residence hall programs.

Louie Mbarkeh, political science junior

– Involved in ASUA freshman and sophomore years


– Work on efficiency and accessibility, outreach and innovation.

– Create an ASUA SafeRide app that would be able to request rides, tell you your wait time, etc.

Claire Larkin, political science sophomore

– Increase scope of programs and services offered through student government.

– Make ASUA more accessible to student body.


Maddy Bynes, a junior studying political science and history:

– Previous employee of Tucson City Council


– Build more partnerships with the Tucson community, and push for a more sustainable UA with fiscally responsible and socially inclusive policies.

– Wants underclassmen to be more heavily involved in clubs and organizations to get the holistic value of what Wildcat living truly means.

Alec Kretch, computer science sophomore


– Improve technology resources on campus, starting with Desire2Learn.

– Implement an app for students that would show how busy the Student Recreation Center is at any given time.

– Form an ASUA club for students who want to be apart of ASUA but do not hold a position. 

Alexa Jenkins, a sophomore studying criminal Justice and psychology


– Inform students on what ASUA does.

– Promote clubs so that all students, especially freshmen, are aware of how to get involved.

– Implement student Safe Zone training.


Zachary Berenson, pre-business freshman


– Improve social justice, so students feel like they belong.

– Expand Push UA to Greek Life and make volunteering more frequent.

– Keep UA sustainable and adding more trash cans and recycling bins to keep the campus clean.

Zeina Cabrera-Peterson, journalism junior


– Create collaboration between clubs and organizations.

– Create relationships with students and be present during their time at UA.


Andreas Zai, pre-business freshman


– Restore a lack of efficiency within the senate.

– Implement resource archives on each every senator that is represented in ASUA, so that those that follow them can view their progress and the completion of process.

David McGarey, engineering freshman


– Create CatBike, a system where students can rent bikes with their CatCard from various locations on campus, such as the Student Union Memorial Center and the Park Student Union.

– Create archives on previous senators to help future ones and keep track of platforms that are passed within senate to ensure they are always being worked on and updated.

Joe Zanoni, political science junior


– Continue to grow UA Listens Facebook page where students can express things they would like to see on campus through a survey.

– Fix the senate’s misrepresentation of the student body.

Omar Pereyra, sophomore studying criminal justice and Middle Eastern and African studies


– Form a student government that truly represents the student body.

– Work for advocacy, amnesty and accessibility.

Natalie Scibilia, freshman studying pre-business and math


– Improve academic resources such as the Think Tank by eliminating the review session fees and adding content on various subjects.

– Make sure the Student Services Fee is being used appropriately and making a positive impact on campus.

Taylor Susan, chemistry junior


– Make sure the voices of underrepresented groups on campus are heard.

– Make sure that students feel UA campus is their home away from home.

Trinity Goss, philosophy sophomore


– Create a more inclusive UA environment that supports the value of diversity.

– Have the senate to be a voice for every group on campus and support the education and development of all students.


Hailey Schwartz, public health junior


– Make it easier for students to access flu shots and updating the antibacterial technology on campus.  

– Create a healthier campus and implement a permanent spray-on antibacterial polymer coating on common areas.

Citlali Aguilar-Cañamar, freshman studying neuroscience, cognitive science and French


– Create airport shuttle to campus during holiday breaks.

– Add more bike racks, water bottle filling stations and charging stations.

– Create a nap center in the Main Library where students can nap without worrying about their belongings being stolen.

Trey Cox

– Continue working on UA Lecture Notes, a note taking system by ASUA where students are paid to take detailed notes with certain professors.

Matt Lubisich, freshman studying political science and economics


– Increase the awareness of sexual assaults on campus.

– Implement free parking for students during finals.

– Give students who live in dorms one free wash per week to save students money.


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