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    Head-to-Head: A review of ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ with my 13-year-old self


    EA Games

    Rose-colored glasses just aren’t what they used to be. Few things in life create stronger nostalgia than the obsessions of childhood. As was the case with the majority of young boys, I was obsessed with Star Wars. 

    The first VHS I owned was a pre-owned “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” and the first Star Wars game I owned was the greatest: “Star Wars: Battlefront.” Literal days of my childhood were spent taking over the galaxy and in split-screen rumbles with friends.

    2015 is the year of rebirth for the Star Wars franchise. “The Force Awakens” comes to screens this December, and earlier this week, the next-gen reboot, “Star Wars Battlefront” arrived. 

    Does the game measure up to its nostalgia-laced predecessors? To find out, I’ve invited my 13-year-old self to review the game with me in a head-to-head that will decide once and for all the merit of this “Battlefront” reboot.

    Alex Furrier: Would you call yourself a “Star Wars: Battlefront” fan?

    Alex Furrier (age 13): Uh, duh. I’ve probably spent close to 100 hours on the battlefield. I’ve taken over the galaxy as the Rebel Alliance, the Empire, the Republic and the Trade Federation. So yeah, you could say I’m a fan. What about you?

    Furrier: Yeah, I’m definitely a fan of “Star Wars: Battlefront” and “Star Wars,” in general. I’m not an obsessed fan now that I’m older, but few things produce as much unadulterated joy as Star Wars, especially with Episode VII coming out in just a month. It’s—


    Furrier: Don’t worry about it. Just know that new “Star Wars” material will always be in the pipeline, as long as there is money to be made, and nostalgia to bring happiness. You experienced Episodes I-III in the theaters as a kid, and now a new generation gets to experience the magic. Speaking of the next generation, let’s talk new “Battlefront.” What—

    AF13: I love it.

    Furrier: OK. Piece of advice, man: Don’t interrupt people. It’s a really great way to piss people off without—

    AF13: I loved it so much. Definitely my favorite game right now. I would say it’s a 9.5/10.

    Furrier: Let’s hold off on giving it a score yet. That’s not how reviews work. You’ve got to go over the content and explain the conclusion you come to, so let’s take a step back. You said you loved it, but what about the game made you love it?

    AF13: Dude. It’s Star Wars. What’s not to love?

    Furrier: Specifically, though?

    AF13: Well, it looks a lot better than the old ones. Amazing graphics. The maps are really cool, and I especially love Endor. Walker Assault is awesome, too. Taking down an AT-AT felt like I was really a part of the Rebel Alliance. The odds were against us, but when we pulled it off it was amazing. So the parts that were awesome were my favorite. What about you?

    Furrier: I agree about the graphics—the game is gorgeous. Let’s try and sound smarter than we really are, though, by calling it aesthetics. Great aesthetics. I definitely think those moments that feel as if you’re in the movie are the heart of this game. Nowadays, when I play a great game, the best moments create a feeling of “Wow, that was really cool,” but with “Star Wars Battlefront” the best moments bring back childhood wonder. No other game can do that. It really does feel like you’re in the movie, and that’s about all I ever wanted as a kid. How does the game compare to the old-school Battlefronts?

    AF13: The gunplay is basically the same, but the game modes are different. They got rid of capturing checkpoints to win games except in a specific game mode, and also got rid of Galactic Conquest. I guess that is the one thing I miss about the old games. Now, almost everything is online multiplayer with a bunch of crazy game modes. Also, they don’t have anything from Episodes I-III, which is lame.

    Furrier: Yeah, developer EA DICE definitely seemed to focus on quality over quantity. The game is polished and refined. EA DICE had the impossible job of simultaneously rebooting and reinventing something so many people loved. You can’t please everyone. I’m happy with the way the game turned out, and my only gripe is that it does feel like the publisher Electronic Arts is holding back content to release as DLC. As it currently stands, this Battlefront has two-thirds of the amount of content I would expect from any other game. Any last thoughts before the final verdict?

    AF13: Playing as the heroes is super cool. My favorite to play as is Boba Fett, but whenever Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker show up and dual each other, I lose my mind. You?

    Furrier: Some moments that spontaneously occur are incredible, like being ambushed, jet-packing into the air and then blowing everyone away with a missile launcher. You can’t put a price on that. Details really make this game great: a jetpack that explodes when shot, or the iconic ping-ping-ping sound of Boba Fett’s gun. We’ve reached the part where we give it a rating, what do you—

    AF13: I would give it a 9.5/10. Or just a Star Wars/10, because those are the same thing. I love it.

    Furrier: Well, I think you hit the nail on the head. I would give it an 8.5, with the Star Wars-ness of the game giving it a two-point bump from a 6.5. It would be higher if there was more content such as maps, character customization, etc. With that in mind, “Star Wars Battlefront” may not be the best game of the year, but no doubt it’s the most fun I’ve had playing video games this year.

    Final (Unanimous) Verdict:

    Star Wars/10

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