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    Police Beat: Oct. 7

    ‘Not much’ to drink leads to intoxication

    University of Arizona Police Department officers responded to the Colonia de la Paz Residence Hall on Sept. 27 at 12:56 a.m. in reference to an intoxicated woman in one of the rooms. Upon arrival, officers met with a resident assistant who led them to the room where the woman was last seen. The RA told police that the Tucson Fire Department had been alerted, in case the woman needed medical assistance. Police made contact with the woman and asked her how old she was. The woman told officers she was 18. Officers then asked the woman how much she had to drink, to which she replied, “”not much.”” According to police, the woman exhibited several signs of intoxication, including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and the strong odor of alcohol coming from her mouth as she spoke. TFD determined that the woman did not need to be transported to University Medical Center. The incident has been diverted to the Dean of Students Office.

    Wrong-way rider gets citation for intoxicated pedaling

    UAPD officers observed a man on a bicycle traveling the wrong way down First Street on Sept. 27 at 1:45 a.m. According to police, the man was riding his bicycle westbound on First Street near Warren Avenue with no light and he was carrying a red plastic cup. When the man saw police, he threw the cup on the ground. Police made contact with the man and he admitted that the cup had contained vodka. According to police, the man had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the strong odor of intoxicants coming from his mouth. Officers cited the man on charges of minor in possession and released him on scene.

    Championship ring taken from car in Cherry Avenue Garage

    UAPD officers were dispatched to the Cherry Avenue parking garage on Sept. 27 at 12:25 p.m. in reference to a vehicle break-in. Upon arrival, officers met with the vehicle’s owner, who claimed that his Chevy Impala had been broken into on the first level of the garage. According to the man, he parked his car on Sept. 25 at approximately 7 p.m. When he returned on Sept. 26 at 1:30 a.m., he noticed that his driver’s side front window was missing. The man was unable to find the missing window, either in whole or in pieces. The man also claimed that his car radio, valued at approximately $500, and his Las Vegas Bowl ring, valued at more than $500, had been taken from the car. Police have no suspects or witnesses at this time.

    Pizza prank ends badly for Apache dorm resident

    UAPD officers were dispatched to the Apache Residence Hall on Sept. 28 at 1:14 a.m. in reference to an assault. Upon arrival, officers met with the man who had allegedly been assaulted and had been bleeding from his nose. An RA and the man’s friend joined him. According to the man, he and his friend had gone downstairs to check their mail on the evening of Sept. 27. They saw a man attempting to deliver a pizza to the wrong room number. The man and his friend took the pizza from the delivery driver, went back to their room and ate it. When they were finished, they took the empty box to the room where the delivery driver had been attempting to deliver the pizza. The men left the box in front of the door along with a note that read, “”Thanks for the pizza. It was great. We should do this again some time.”” The men signed the note with their first names.

    Later that evening, the occupant of the room where the pizza box had been left went looking for the men to discuss the matter. The man who left the box and note was not in his room. The man came back later and knocked again. This time the man who left the empty box and note was home. The two men began to argue until the visitor punched the other man several times in the face and back, causing the bloody nose.

    Officers were able to locate the man who punched his neighbor and questioned him about what happened. According to him, after he tried to confront the men the first time, they came back and left parmesan cheese and crushed red pepper packets on his door, along with another note that read, “”You forgot your cheese and peppers for your pizza.”” The man admitted to punching the victim several times and then leaving. He was arrested on charges of assault and transported to Pima County Jail. While booking him, officers discovered a fake driver’s license in the man’s wallet and also cited him on charges of possession of a fake ID.

    Man gets early morning DUI, among other charges

    UAPD officers were on patrol in the area of Second Street and Highland Avenue on Sept. 30 at 7:08 a.m. when they observed a vehicle travelling at high speed in a posted 20 mph zone. Officers followed the vehicle as it performed several illegal maneuvers. Officers initiated a traffic stop, made contact with the driver and immediately noticed the strong odor of intoxicants coming from the man’s vehicle. According to police, the man claimed to have been returning from getting food. He told officers he was tired because he had been up all night studying. When officers asked the man to step out of his vehicle, they noticed that he had to hold on to the car door for support and he swayed back and forth once during questioning. Officers administered several field sobriety tests and based upon their observations, arrested the man at on charges of DUI. Officers transported the man to the UAPD station for breath tests, at which point the man began to cry and tell officers that he was stupid for getting a DUI, because his friend had died in an alcohol-related collision. Officers administered a breathalyzer test and confirmed that the man had a blood alcohol content between .166 and .175. Police cited the man on charges of minor in possession, driving under the influence, DUI with a BAC below .08, extreme DUI with a BAC above .15, failure to yield during a left turn and speed greater than reasonable. The man’s vehicle was towed for a mandatory 30-day impound and he was released at the UAPD station.


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